The Best Working Advertising Strategies

With every marketing and advertising campaign comes strategy. Strategy is how you are going to reach your sales goal. Your sales goal should be achievable but you should always be trying to further it. So what are the advertising strategies that seem to work the best?

Industry experts continually agree that in terms of a specific option, Google Adwords combined with PPCnerd’s collection of Google Ads automation scripts is a pretty damn powerful tool. You’ll be able to automate your advertising in no time at all, combined with reaching almost everybody.

But, what if you want something a little less… popular?

Here are a few of the advertising techniques that seem to be proven the most successful over time.

1. Positioning yourself as the first. Obviously this is the best type of advertising to use. Being the first to come up with a product or the first to drastically improve a product will be memorable and unique. Not everyone has this luxury though when it comes to marketing their products.

2. Marketing yourself as the “lowest price”. Walmart is great example of this strategy. It gives you a competitive edge, the only problem is, it is hard to market quality along with the lowest price.

3. Catch up advertising. If you can’t be number one in a market, you better hold on to the number 2 spot. That is what this type of strategy focuses on. You aren’t necessarily trying to edge out the number one seed, but you are trying to keep the number 3, 4 and 5, from being remembered.

4. Snob appeal advertising. This is the opposite of low price advertising. Often times, colognes, fine jewelry, and clothing stores want to use this type of advertising. It gives your product a sense of class and makes it appear prestigious. If you’re going to have a high price, it is necessary to have the aura to go with it.

5. Sex appeal advertising. This advertising counts on people liking attractive things…and attractive people. Many products commercials and advertisements are memorable if they feature attractive women and men. Many products such as beer, underwear, perfume, other types of alcohol, and even fast food will practice this type of advertising.

6. Banner and Poster advertising. Having colorful and eye-catching banners and posters in and around your shop will really boost your business. Whether you choose to put banners around your local area and can afford too is up to you, but it will really boost your footfall. If you’d like to see some banner and poster designs, click here to see how companies who create and design banners and posters can help you.

These are just 6 advertising strategies that exist. There are tons of others. When planning an advertising strategy it is important that it fits in with your overall marketing goal. Your advertising, retail design and all other aspects must fit in together.

If you are advertising a particular product, your promotional material needs to be up to scratch, that doesn’t just mean posters and banners, as previously mentioned, it also means HOW you promote your product. The use of lightbox photography may be beneficial in this circumstance, it can help give you a crisp and professional look to your product, promoting it in the best way possible to grab people’s attention.

If you are having trouble getting everything in line. Xibit Solutions is a retail store design company that can help you design your store to tie in with your advertising and marketing efforts.