Sweet Swag: 3 Creative Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

The freebies that companies hand out to customers and potential customers at trade shows is known as swag. Traditional freebies include pens, magnets, notepads and flyers with discounts. These items get your business name in the minds and hands of customers, but they aren’t exactly original.

Here are three unique swag ideas to giveaway at your next trade show.

1. Reusable Grocery Bags

When you’re thinking about offering a freebie or two to your customers, it’s best to choose an item that you would want. Reusable grocery bags are very popular, especially as more cities are banning plastic bags from being given away in stores.

2. Digital Freebies

Digital freebies are also very popular. You could give customers a coupon code to use when they make a purchase at your website or a codes for free music or movie downloads. The best giveaways are ones that are related to your industry and put your company’s name into the minds of potential customers who will share the information with everyone they know.

3. Pop Culture

SDCC SWAG trade show

Photo by Heath_bar

Replications of iconic memorabilia can be an extremely useful tool for promoting your company. Pop culture swag ties in your business with an already recognizable product, creating a freebie that will be a hot item at any trade show booth.