Trade Show Games: Attract Customers With These 10 Interactive Ideas

Looking to have your trade show booth stand out from the crowd? Featuring an interactive game at your booth is an excellent way to attract visitors, gather contact information and have a good time with perspective clients. Stumped for game ideas? Check out this list of 10 fun games to attract customers at your next trade show.

Business Card Fish Bowl

business cards at convention

This classic game is both fun and easy to set up. Have visitors drop their business cards into a fish bowl. Once a day, select a random card from the bowl and award that card-owner with a prize. At the end of the show, hold a special grand-prize drawing using all of the cards you’ve collected throughout the show.

Twitter Prize Game

Incorporate social media into your game by asking visitors to send tweets to your business using trade show-specific hashtags. Every hour or day, select one individual to receive a prize. You can announce the prize-winner by following them and tweeting at them explaining what they’ve won.

Instagram Prize Game

Use Instagram to design a photo contest for your booth. Hire a trade show model to dress up as Waldo from Where’s Waldo and walk around the show. Players who snap a picture of Waldo and share it on Instagram with a trade show-specific hashtag become eligible for a daily prize drawing. Notifying contest winners via Instagram can also help you grow your Instagram followers faster on this popular photo-sharing platform and it can help improve brand awareness as well.

Popular TV Game Show

Taking a popular game show and turning it into something visitors can play at your booth is a great way to generate foot traffic. Collect contact information from players, and award prizes to the winners.

Prize Wheel

trade show prize wheel

Prize wheels make for an eye-catching display element. Have visitors spin the wheel to receive a small prize or coupon from your company, and then ask them to sign up to be entered into a drawing for a larger prize at the end of the show.

Trivia Competitions

Trivia contests are an old trade show favorite, since they’re simple to run and allow you to tailor the game to suit your marketing needs. Ask visitors questions about your products, the show they’re attending or even random topics and award prizes to those who get the right answer. You can add a social media component to your game by having guests tweet their answers to you on Twitter.

Roaming Trivia

Adding a twist to the traditional trivia game can be a fun way to attract additional visitors. Hire a trade show model to walk around the show and ask guests trivia questions. Have the model direct the winners to your booth to collect their prizes.

Trade Show Guessing Game

Fill a clear container with small items that have your company’s logo printed on them and ask visitors to provide their contact information along with their guess as to how many items are in the container. At the end of the show, award the winner a prize and give them the container of items. When they share the contents of the container at work, they’ll also be distributing advertisements for your business.

Photo Booth

photo booth at trade show

Set up a creative photo booth, involving a unique backdrop or a model dressed as a famous person, and let visitors have their picture taken. Print out copies of the photos with your company’s logo and contact information at the bottom for visitors to take with them.

Golf Putting

Add a simple golf putting game to your booth to get visitors interested in stopping by. You can award small prizes to those who get a hole-in-one. Have players fill out their contact information to be entered into a drawing for a larger prize at the end of the show.

And there you have it, ten easy ways to incorporate interactive games into your trade show booth display. Have you added a game to your booth in the past that worked well? Be sure to share your experience in the comments section below!

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