Custom Graphics and Design

When you think back on another successful trade show, will you look back and remember what you had for lunch, the overpriced coffee, or that vendor that came by one too many times?


What you’re going to remember was how your exhibition stand compared to the rest. You will remember how bright it shined against the backdrop of dreary competitors and the glowing words of every single person who passed by. You pretended you weren’t listening, but you were. That feeling is what Xibit Solutions specializes in providing every time.

What Makes Xibit Solutions Different?

audiopipe trade show booth
bling my thing trade show booth
large trade show booth display

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and our exhibition stands gracing some of the biggest trade shows across the globe, Xibit Solutions has earned the right to call ourselves “experts”.

Whatever your needs may be, you can rest assured that the person that you are speaking with is an expert in their field. Whether it’s our team of designers painstakingly brainstorming visual innovations or our logistics team making sure that your exhibition stand has arrived well in advance of the trade show doors opening, we work with only the best.

Your focus is sales, our focus is to fuel yours.

Xibit Solutions offers everything from start to finish for all of your trade show exhibition stand needs. We offer services handling everything from conceptual design to booth dismantling so you can put your time and energy into more pressing matters as trade show deadlines loom.

Our exhibition rental service is perfect if you’re looking to save money or you are faced with special circumstances like an odd-shaped booth space or scheduling issues. These things happen and shouldn’t mean that you are stuck with the costs and storage of a fully made exhibition stand that you will only use sparingly, if even that.

Travel is wrought with logistical nightmares and that’s just with regards to people. Factor in transportation of exhibition materials and you have the formula for more than one sleepless night. Trade show logistics and installation services provide you with piece of mind that your exhibition stand will not only arrive before the trade show, but prior to your arrival on day one and will be built by our skilled team.