Installation and Dismantling Services

Trade shows can be stressful for you and your team. So much to do, so little time. Why not have Xibit Solutions help in making your event the best possible by offering you a high-quality professional exhibition booth.

We handle the details, from design to delivery, and all you have to do is bring your team.

The Xibit Solutions Difference

linear pavilion trade show booth by xibit solutions
Cygnett trade show booth
nexans trade show booth

With over 20 years of experience in different industries spanning the globe, you can be sure that your companys brand and dedication to excellence aligns with what has made us successful for so long.

Xibit Solutions is your one-step solution to creating an exhibition booth that will not only wow your audience, but also reflects true professionalism and design.


  • Design- Our professional team of designers provides customers with a different set of eyes and offer fresh and new ideas, specifically tailored to your brand and market. With our Exhibition Booth Rental, you wont be responsible for booth materials after the show is over. This means you can take off the costly shackles keeping your true innovative ideas from taking shape.
  • Shipping- Let Xibit Solutions handle one of the biggest and most painstaking processes during your preparation for a trade show. Isnt it difficult enough guaranteeing that you, your team, and all of your marketing materials will arrive safely without having to wonder if youre going to be conducting meetings using a stack of boxes as a table because your booth never arrived?
  • Setup- Instead of spending sleepless hours constructing and configuring your booth in preparation for the trade show itself, wouldnt you rather be spending that time strategizing and planning your best sales tactics? Why waste time and energy unnecessarily when Xibit Solutions can do it for you?
  • Teardown- When the show is over and the leads are collected, you have earned the right to go home and kick your feet up, proud of your accomplishments. That is where our job starts. We maintain active contracts with trade show-approved union laborers that will make sure the job is done and your trade show stress is gone the minute you walk out the door.

Take a look at the seemingly never-ending list of things that you need to accomplish in preparation for a trade show.

Check off the completed ones.

Now, cross off items that Xibit Solutions can do for you and watch the list magically shrink, along with your stress levels.

Contact us today at (702) 361-7502 for a free estimate and to learn how we can help you with exhibit booth solutions that will truly set you apart from your competition.


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