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When we say that we are the best for trade show booth displays and display design, we mean it. Let us show you how...

Xibit Solutions tirelessly works to assemble a talented design team who will work with you to create a display that reflects your business ideals and generates interest and excitement. Your booth is one of the first things that any potential customer will see, so it’s important that it starts the interaction out on the right foot. No matter how impressive your product or service, without a trade show exhibition booth to match, you’ve already lost.


This generally will have an end cap 20’ x 20’ or larger. Booth will have a shared back wall
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Starts at 10’ x 10’ to a 10’ x 50’ inline booth space.
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A 20’ x 20’ or larger booth with aisles on all 4-sides.
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A 20’ x 20’ or larger booth space with multi-level exhibit areas.
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Individual booth spaces within a larger booth space.
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Lighter weight portable style exhibit structures that break down into smaller sections.
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Endless trade show design possibilities

With endless design possibilities and guidance, Xibit Solutions aligns you with the best practices to market your product at your next trade show or convention. Armed with the latest in design technology and years of experience, revel in the confidence of knowing that you have entrusted your exhibition booth to a professional whose only goal is to make your business shine brighter than you ever imagined.

However, it’s not just about the design. Aesthetically pleasing is an important factor in any good display design, but what truly matters is the ability to capture the essence and spirit of your brand. Xibit Solutions takes the time to learn about your business and what makes it tick to offer design ideas that accurately reflect everything that you stand for.

Take a look at just a handful of the companies that have experienced what our design team can do. Then contact us at (702) 361-7502 and together we can generate the buzz your business needs.