Trade Show Booth Ideas to Avoid Boring Exhibits

Your trade show booth cannot afford to be cookie-cutter, mundane or uninspiring.

Regrettably, many trade show booths end up falling into these categories because the exhibitor did not consider what they needed to do in order to stand out. The truth is that you can use standard exhibit materials or rent a modular trade show booth and still find ways to spruce them up and add excitement.

The following six trade show booth design ideas are excellent examples. They infuse energy and interest into Las Vegas modular trade show booths and custom designs alike by going beyond the average expectation of quality. Get inspired, and learn how to make an impact at your next convention, by reading on.

1. Light Up the Space

Lighting makes a huge difference on not just mood, but also the dimensions of a space itself. A dark corner of a trade show booth lit by one light source can make the space feel more tight and intimate, for instance, while bright, even lights can make a space look large and pristine. To see what we mean, compare our elegant, cleanly lit jewelry booth display with our much more dramatic tech company booth. Use as much light as you can throughout your booth, and strongly consider how the level of light, its direction and its source, can affect mood and volume.

Also, try to employ accent lights throughout your booth to give more drama to key elements. Examples of great spots to plant LED accent lights include:

  • Behind TV screens
  • Around the base of display cases (in addition to overhead lighting)
  • Around or inside 3D letters
  • Above hero graphics and wraparounds
  • Inside tension fabric panels
  • Above seating areas to create a more intimate vibe

2. Use High Quality Materials Instead of Panels

Most exhibits, especially the modular kind, accept standard sizes of PVC, foamcore or Gatorfoam paneling. These materials can be put to great use, but they also tend to show segments and have a more plastic-y finish.

Upgrade your booth by using silicon edge graphics (SEG) or tension fabric. Both materials can offer seamless panelling and beautiful, flowing graphics. They can also combine with interior lighting to create impressive ambient effects.

You can also try using natural-looking materials, like a wood veneer, simulated stone, astroturf or live plants. Even something like re-using crates as display props can work — while saving you on drayage!

3. Give People a Beacon With Hanging Banners

If your trade show or hosting convention center rules allow it, hang a large banner or branded tension fabric structure from the ceiling above your booth. Not only would it provide an interesting accent, but it can also serve as a landmark that helps people find you by looking up rather than across the crowded convention hall.

4. Use Props to Make Your Booth Richer and More Immersive

Small details like miniatures, standups, 3D printed objects and themed props can all add to the “texture” of a booth and make it seem more complete. You can also frame original documents, like brainstorming notes or patents, to give your booth a more nostalgic feel.

5. Use Display Cases

Renting display cases for your booth can provide an extra layer of class in addition to visual interest. Clients that sell retail products in particular can make use of display shelves or upscale racks.

6. Work With a Las Vegas Modular Trade Show Booth Company for Custom Touches

Just because you are renting a booth or using a modular trade show exhibit does not mean your design has to be bland. You can work with a custom trade show booth builder in Las Vegas to put subtle accents around your booth, employ the best lighting and infuse your branding throughout the space.

If you have any questions or want to start adding custom touches to your modular booth, you can contact us for more information today.