How to Answer, “Why Should I Do Business With You?”

One of the most important and common questions a vendor hears, and the one that every vendor dreads, is that of why someone should do business with you. The question can take many forms, but all of them come down to the customer wanting to know what sets you apart. Your immediate response is to latch onto things like experience, great service, quality and the like. These are not what your potential customers want to hear. It comes off like a script.

What then do you say when someone asks this all important question? How do you tell them what they want to hear and convert that potential lead into a paying customer? Learn how answering the question, “Why should I do business with you?” is one of the most important customer engagement tips in your marketing strategy.

Why Should I Do Business With You?

When someone asks you, “Why should I do business with you?” there are a few things you need to do, to approach the situation properly. First, drop the script and the usual platitudes. Tell them you’re not sure that they should, and turn it around to discover what they need so you can show them if and how your company is uniquely poised to meet their needs.

Marketing Strategy: I Don’t Know You Should

The first thing is to admit that you don’t know for a fact that they should use your company. After all, you don’t know anything about them, so you don’t know that your company is right for them straight out of the gate. As a marketing strategy, honesty is always the best policy, and what you’re doing here is opening the door to a deeper conversation.

Customer Engagement Tips: Digging for More Info

The next customer engagement tips to give involve digging for more information. First, tell them that before you can fill them in on why your company is the best, you’ll need to know more about them. This sets you up not as someone dismissing their question, but looking to personalize your response, and that’s a great thing.

Now, ask them if you can ask some questions about their company and needs so you can determine why it might be that your service or goods are perfect for their needs. This question turns your whole interaction around. It puts you in the driver’s seat, lessens the pressure on you, letting you find the right fit.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

The first question to ask them is what their biggest challenge is. This way you’re trying to keep the conversation centered around what they need as opposed to what you have to offer. This is called value-based conversation, and it shifts the entire focus from “Why should I deal with you?” to “What are you, as a potential client, looking for?”

Outstanding Trade Show Presence

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