The Key to Attracting People to your Trade Show Booth? Target Their Kids

As go the children, so go the parents. Disney understood this from the get-go. Think Fantasia: great classical music the adults could appreciate along with cartoon visuals for everyone. Nowadays, Pixar is the master of this trick, making movies that appeal to Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and of course, the kids. Everybody wins — especially Pixar — when the kids drag the whole family to their new movie, and everybody loves it.

The same logic applies to booths at trade shows. If you’re in a business where kids might be on the scene at the convention, think about luring them in, and the adults will (necessarily) follow. Here are three pointers:

1. Bring along a child-sized table and chairs

Kids want a place to sit, just like anybody else. Set out some chairs for them! It will look inviting; and if they’re walking around all day at a convention, they’ll probably want to rest their feet.

2. Keep a basket of candy on the table

You like candy today. Remember how much you liked candy when you were young?

3. Set out a basket of crayons and coloring books
Restaurants get this, and so should you!

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