How to Prepare to Exhibit at Winter Fancy Food Show 2023: Tips for Exhibitors

Get your taste buds geared up; the Winter Fancy Food Show is returning to Las Vegas, Nevada this January 15-17 14, 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Attending the Fancy Food Show brings you face-to-face with brands and producers from across the country and around the globe. It’s a one-stop-shop for the hottest specialty food trends and biggest selling products.

About Specialty Food Association (SFA)

The membership-based Specialty Food Association (SFA) includes over 3,500 businesses, including specialty food artisans, importers, purveyors and distributors, as well as entrepreneurs and others in the food trade business. This gives a wide array of industry knowledge and leadership forecast to be in attendance each season the show is held.

COVID- 19 Safety Precautions for 2023

To ensure the safety of all attendees, the Fancy Food Show will require attendees and exhibitors to present proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours before entering the convention center.

Masks are also required as per Nevada mandate.

How to Prepare to Exhibit at Fancy Food

Preparing your booth to exhibit at the Fancy Food Show shouldn’t be a stress to your business. Yes, it takes some time and organization, but with a little industry know-how and stand-out booth tips, you can be well on your way to show off everything you have to attendees visiting in person or online.

First stop, check out where you’ll be at the show, and which vendors will be nearby. This can inform when attendees will be passing by, or what else you’ll be competing with for their attention—whether it be other booths or events going on.

Don’t forget that this show is allowing industry professionals to attend virtually, which means you can have opportunities to connect and share your services or products digitally. And with digital  you can start even before the show, utilizing things like social media, emails or advertising to let people know where you’ll be, what you’ll be showing off, and any potential deals they may be able to take advantage of.

In addition to following an outline like this plan we’ve created, keep in mind a few of the most important things for a successful show:

  • Get the word out – Announce your attendance to both current customers and future prospects. This can be done with simple things like word-of-mouth, emails, social media posts or advertising. Be clear where your booth will be, and what you’ll be providing—including any giveaways you’ll be handing out!
  • Train your team – Don’t assume your staff will naturally know what to do. Everyone working the booth should be informed about what to expect at the show and how to communicate with people visiting the booth, including top takeaways or business goals.
  • Make your booth stand out – A professionally-done booth will make sure to leave a positive impression with everyone you come into contact with. For ideas on how to create a successful booth, contact our team at Xibit Solutions. Our experts can help from ideation to creation, so you can spend more time focusing on highlighting your expertise.
  • Follow up after the show – This is where many people drop the ball. Don’t wait for attendees to remember to contact you when they’re in need. Keep your company and services top of mind with a friendly follow-up. Even better, if you took emails during the show start up an email plan to keep them updated far into the future too.

You can also use our Trade Show Preparation Guide to make sure you position your business for success.

Planning on Exhibiting at Winter Fancy Food Show 2023?

During the live event, keep the show-goer’s attention by making sure your booth is noteworthy. That includes having a setup that stands out in a crowd, and by having takeaways that attendees don’t want to throw away. Need help planning all this before the big day? You’re in luck, because Xibit Solutions has decades of experience planning, preparing and setting up booths for exhibits of all sizes. Contact us for ideas on how to make the most of your show experience, and see how we can help you bring your stand-out services to the Fancy Food Show masses.