Las Vegas Market 2020

Trade shows are an excellent way to boost your customer base and get your business out there. If you’re in the furniture, home decor or gift industries, there’s no better place to showcase your products than the Las Vegas Market. Sponsored by the World Market Center, people from all over the United States flock to this annual event, offering a unique cross section of buyers in these overlapping industries.

Located in one of the world’s most daring and exciting cities, the Las Vegas Market gives you an opportunity to interact with professionals in many furnishings categories and reach a diverse and enthusiastic audience looking for the next big trend. Learn more about the Las Vegas Market ’20, the fastest-growing gift and home decor market in the nation.


Located at 475 South Grand Central Parkway in Las Vegas, the World Market Center is a 5-million-square-foot showroom for the furnishings industry in Las Vegas. As the largest showroom complex in the world, the World Market Center has hosted many domestic and international sellers and buyers in this diverse industry.

Each year, the World Market Center proudly hosts the Las Vegas Market, as well as many other trade shows and events. In addition, 400,000 square feet of this complex is dedicated to permanent showrooms for interior designers during the week, offering a wide selection of fabrics, lighting, flooring, decor, furniture and accessories to the public all year.

This complex also hosts a First Friday series, which celebrates speakers in the arts from all over the world. Such greats as Vladimir Kagan, Vincente Wolf, Juan Montoya and Christopher Guy Harrison have all used this platform to inspire other artists in the area and lend their wisdom to the thriving arts and culture of Las Vegas.


Since its beginning in 2005, the Las Vegas Market has grown to include the largest selection of furniture, gifts and home decor in all of the nation. Three interconnected buildings and a temporary exhibit location comprise 40 floors of unique furnishings, such as:

  • Furniture.
  • Bedding/mattresses.
  • Lighting.
  • Outdoor.
  • Decor.
  • Wall art.
  • Carpets and rugs.
  • Housewares.
  • Textiles.
  • Tabletops.
  • Lifestyle products.
  • Gifts.
  • Gourmet specialties.
  • And more.

For your convenience, the Las Vegas Market also has many amenities on-site, such as a scan-and-go registration, a market concierge, scooter and wheelchair rentals, multiple ATMs, business centers and lounges, and food service locations on every floor that range from grab-and-go food to full-service cafes.

This show runs from Jan. 26-30, 2020. To ensure exhibitors and attendees get all they can from the experience, however, the shows are staggered.

From the Aid to Artisans Training for Entrepreneurs in Artisan Marketing to the off-market excitement of the Vegas strip, there’s plenty of opportunity for networking and inspiration at this incredible event.


At this winter’s Las Vegas Market will be the second showcase of the Aid to Artisans, a Washington, D.C.-based organization dedicated to providing training and coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs in the artisan industry.

This showcase will feature more than 20 first-time exhibitors and their handmade products from Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and South and Central America. Buyers will have access to handmade jewelry, baskets woven from natural fibers, handwoven textiles and much more, along with the creative inspiration from budding artists around the world.


Since the market is in Las Vegas, you can take advantage of all this desert playground has to offer, while also furthering your business goals. The market takes place from Sunday to Thursday, leaving you with plenty of time for off-market events to round out your trip.

Turn your Las Vegas Market exhibit experience into a workcation with one of these must-see shows:

  • Cirque du Soleil – O.
  • Penn & Teller.
  • Cirque du Soleil – KA.
  • Blue Man Group.
  • David Copperfield.
  • Dear Evan Hanson.
  • Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles: Love.
  • Human Nature.
  • MJ Live – Michael Jackson Tribute Show.
  • Vegas! The Show.


In the exhibit’s 40 floors, you can find everything from casual furnishings to contemporary lifestyle goods from over 4,000 exhibitors. Find new resources and materials from skilled artisans or catch the newest trend from one of over 150 new exhibitors just waiting to be discovered.

Many prominent brands attend this show, such as Ashley Furniture, but there’s always an opportunity to spot the next big name in toys, publishing, holiday and seasonal goods or outdoor furnishings.


The Las Vegas Market is the largest collection of manufacturers and suppliers in this industry. Retailers from such distribution channels as catalog, internet, wholesale, home centers, interior design, big box and specialty retailers also attend, giving you endless opportunities to connect with the biggest names in the industry and get your business out there.

You can also meet new customers, source new and unique materials, check out the competition and reap the benefits of national and international media exposure to turn your brand into a household name.


The Las Vegas Market groups exhibitors into categories to streamline the shopping experience, which gives you the benefit of a target audience. When you register for this event, you can choose between the Pavilions, a cohesive showroom of products in the home decor, fashion accessories, gift trends and decorative accessories space; Discoveries, a space with offbeat treasures like Grenouille French Antiques and Vintage Addiction; and Salon West, a space devoted to laid-back luxury and West Coast style.

As an exhibitor, you’ll also benefit from the Las Vegas Market marketing efforts, which include print and direct mail advertising, social media and public relations, email marketing and advertisements in over 30 industry trade publications. There are several seminars and events dedicated to exhibitors to increase exposure, brand awareness and networking opportunities.

Learn more about registration and attendance at the Las Vegas Market Exhibitor Resource Center.


There’s a lot to see and experience at the Las Vegas Market, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Prioritize the events to ensure you get what you need out of the experience. If you use fabric for your products, make the handmade textiles your first stop, or make a note of the can’t-miss seminars that cover the newest trends. If you think your products are suited to a particular distributor, set aside time to meet with them and give them a quick pitch.

Plan your days and give yourself time for networking, meetings and breaks, so you can get the most out of every minute you’re there.

We can help! Download our Trade Show Preparation PDF to plan your event and maximize your experience.


With 4,000 exhibitors, you’ll be facing a lot of competition, so it’s more important than ever to stand out. Logo products like pens and keychains tend to be forgotten at a normal trade show, and this is even more likely at a show that revolves around beauty and aesthetics.

Tailor your promotions to your products to leave a lasting impression. Give away small fabric swatches, create lookbooks or put together slideshows of upcoming projects on a flash drive with your logo to give away. Not only are these promotional items more likely to stay with your leads, but they’ll also keep them interested in what your next inspiration will bring for years to come.


You can’t go to a trade show that celebrates art and creativity with a lackluster booth. The look and layout of your booth is a design in itself, which gives you another chance to explore your artistic instincts and set yourself apart from the rest. Be bold and unforgettable to catch people’s attention and attract them to your booth, and be sure to bring the very best of your product line to show everyone what you can do.

Standing out is important, but don’t make your booth too busy or cluttered. There’s already an overwhelming level of colors, textures and designs at such an event, which can cause your booth to disappear in the whirlwind of color. Keeping your booth clean, with just a few of your signature products that pop, will encourage people to linger and chat with you while enjoying your creations.


With so many distractions and competitors, you only have one shot to get the attention of your prospects and keep them interested, so why not get help from the professionals at Xibit Solutions? We’ve been helping exhibitors in a variety of industries with every aspect of their trade-show planning, from beautiful, eye-catching layouts and designs to convenient, space-efficient booths. Let us do the hard work for you so that you can focus on making a lasting impression on your customers with the perfect booth experience.

If you’re looking to maximize your time at the prestigious Las Vegas Market ’20, contact us to learn more about how we can help you!