How to Incorporate Social Media into Your Trade Show Strategy

As an exhibitor, you want to take advantage of every tool in your arsenal to get the most out of your convention appearances. Social media is no longer a cute marketing trick; it’s an essential part of your advertising and branding strategy. The impact of multi-tiered marketing cannot be understated in today’s business climate, and it’s vital to your ability to engage with your prospects, customers and potential leads, not just before and after the show but during as well.

Discover a number of tips for how to incorporate social media into your trade show marketing strategy, and get the most from your branding efforts.

Pre-Show Social Media Efforts

Before the show, you want to raise awareness of your presence, tease your potential customers, and encourage people to stop at your booth to see what you’ve got to offer. Research what the show management will be using as their strategy, and create yours to match. How can you tie into the important events at the show? What do you have to offer your potential clients that relates to the show’s events and features?

Use Facebook event pages, Twitter hashtags, blog about the show, create a page on your website, and both ask and respond to questions across all of your social media platforms.

Trade Show Marketing at the Show

Your trade show marketing is designed to drive conversation about what you’ve got going on, and encourage increased booth traffic. It allows you to engage with those attending the show, and bring more people in.

Monitor the show’s platforms as well as those of your customers and competition. Spot hot topics of conversation and address them directly on your platforms. Livestream the show, post pictures and videos, share stats and notes, let people see you having some good times and fun in a non-business way, and post user-generated content to your accounts.

Post-Show Media Marketing

After the show, you’re looking to remain engaged with those to whom you connected at the show. Don’t waste this opportunity to build and grow relationships both new and existing. Keep your presence in the public eye by reposting across your social channels. Post video, comments and pictures from the show in all your follow-up social postings. Thank your customers for visiting, and call them out by name.

If you gained solid insights at the show, write and release a whitepaper about your experience. Post it on your website and across all your social platforms. Create a post-show page on your Facebook account. Write a recap blog and share it across your channels. Take every opportunity to take advantage of your show presence and build your brand.

Professional Trade Show Services

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