7 Ways for Trade Show Exhibitors to Gain Twitter Followers

Social media has become a great place to grow your business and if you are on top then it can be a great benefit. This is why some companies decide to use ads on Facebook and get sponsored posts on Instagram. Twitter is a fantastic social media platform for people to communicate about events and can bring lots of attention and traffic to your website. It is important to gain as many Twitter followers as possible, which will help expand your brand on the Internet. It’s not just Twitter, you should consider using other social media platforms such as Instagram to promote and advertise your brand. Starting off can be a struggle because its hard to get a large following (like danielle’s instagram) straight away, but don’t worry as there are many tips and tricks you can use to help you.
Here are seven helpful tips for gaining Twitter followers, creating a buzz about your brand even before the trade show has opened its doors.

1. Create a Unique Hashtag for the Trade Show

Create a unique hashtag that can be easily searched and tracked throughout your convention stay. By making a unique hashtag that Tweeters can use, people can find your page and begin to follow your Twitter feed. Beginning the conversation is important, so it is vital to create and use a unique hashtag that will get others involved in the dialogue.

2. Have People Provide You with Their Twitter Handle When They Visit Your Booth

Whether it is for business purposes or personal use, it can be challenging for anyone to grow their following. Some people may have even got to the point of taking a look at a site like increditools.com to find ways of growing their profile. This may work for some people, but another way that people can grow their following may be to give people who visit your booth your Twitter name and ask for theirs. This will give you a full list of people on Twitter that are interested in your show and are also active on social media. Follow each of these new Twitter accounts to maximize the number of people that will bring traffic to your page.

3. Follow Competing Exhibitors

Search for the name of competing or similar trade show vendors and follow their feed. Note what topics they’re posting about who is interacting with them the most. Follow those people’s Twitter feeds and engage them in friendly conversations. If you work at it, your competitor’s fans may follow you back, or better yet, unfollow your competition and become your loyal customer instead.

4. Save Search Terms

Keep track of the keywords that people search for when looking for info about your product or service, and follow the Twitter feeds of people using those keywords frequently. These people may be interested in your product, and don’t know it yet. By reaching out to people that are talking about key phrases vital to your show, you may find a significant increase in Twitter followers. You should take a look at the SNS Growth Review for more information.

5. Follow the Trade Show’s Sponsors

Make sure to follow the sponsors and media partners of the trade show you’re attending. Many sponsors maintain Twitter feeds with thousands of followers, and will Tweet about your booth to all of those accounts. Following your sponsors and Tweeting at them could help you boost the number of people that are aware of your page, and will follow your Twitter feed.

6. Don’t Blindly Follow

While Twitter is a great medium to reach out to perspective clients, it is also filled with spam accounts and unprofessional news feeds. Make sure you know who you are following by looking at each account before clicking the follow button. By proofing each new account followed, you can limit the number of wasteful Twitter conversations and unnecessary news feeds followed.

7. Use a Twitter Monitor

Put a Twitter monitor on your website to show everything that is being Tweeted about your event. This will make people want to get in on the conversation and aim to get their Twitter handle on your website.

By utilizing Twitter, you will gain a new audience for your trade show that otherwise would go untapped. With these tips, your trade show exhibits will benefit greatly.