IBS ’21: International Builders’ Show 2021 Will be Virtual

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has officially decided to move their International Builders’ Show (IBS) to a virtual event, taking place the week of February 8, 2021.

This means many different things for the event, the NAHB is ready to use this as a way to reach an even larger audience that would not have been able to participate at the live event due to travel restrictions and other reasons. 

Virtual Show Details 

IBS has a successful show history spanning 76 years, and this year’s show will be just as amazing as in the past. It is the largest annual residential housing construction trade event, open to professional tradespeople in homebuilding, remodeling, architecture and building material distribution.

This year’s International Builders’ Show will be a place to show off new product launches, share industry knowledge from top experts, and connect with customers needing your services. 

Attendees can also tour The New American Home and The New American Remodel, and view virtual demos from the experts–all from wherever in the world they are. For more updates and event details, check out their website.

Prepare for the Exhibit

The virtual format of the 2021 International Builders’ Show leaves a great opportunity to connect with your current audience and find future customers that may have otherwise not attended. Although you won’t have an in-person booth to show off your business, here are some tips to making this show a virtual success. 

  • Before the show: Use social platforms and email to give your customers frequent updates and build excitement for a show everyone can attend in the comfort of their home. It’s never too early to start advertising to reach a new audience as well. Boosting your social posts or creating digital ads can be just the ticket to find that virtual audience ready to connect. 
  • Through the show: Don’t stop giving updates when the show starts! For anyone not in attendance it can provide a peek into what’s going on, plus it’s one of the easiest ways to show off any new products or offerings.
  • Partnerships & networking: Connect with other businesses to form cross promotions and shared info both your customers would be excited to learn about. This can be a great way to network with other companies and attendees you might otherwise not meet. And for new customers, remember to give them something to follow up about, like future virtual meetings or useful information you can share. 
  • Don’t forget the extras: Most trade shows come with free swag and giveaways, and a virtual event can still have these extras. On top of show giveaways, take advantage of the digital platforms to include things like Facebook Live events or virtual seminars that can show off your industry experience. 
  • Post show marketing: Keep your show presence going strong by sharing event highlights afterwards. These added connections with you audience can be another way to upsell offerings, or get them excited to attend your next show–in person or virtual.
  • Plan ahead: download our Trade Show Preparation PDF for planning help every step of the way.

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