Creating the Best Tradeshow Booth Design in Las Vegas

Anyone trying to promote a product or business using a trade show knows the importance of standing out in a crowd, as well as the need to attract the public to want to visit your booth. There are some ways to really make your booth standout in a Las Vegas tradeshow.


A great visual presentation is the most important way to attract someone to stop at your booth. First be sure to have proper lighting on your booth, especially in a crowded hall. You can try the use of multimedia to get the crowd’s attention. Add video, audio, animation, and make your kiosk interactive by demonstrating the product or adding a game with prizes.

Don’t use too many colors in your booth, but rather limit the colors and the amount of textures in your booth. You wouldn’t want your booth to appear busy with more than three colors and good textures to stick to would be brushed metal or matte vinyl. When you know your audience, it’s easier to determine what type of design would appeal to that group of people over another.

Graphic Design & Text

It’s important to bring the graphics of your brand into your booth design to maintain consistency. If your booth is large, you can make plenty of information seen, but for a smaller booth it’s smart to stick to one clear message or concept. The text is equally important, a you want to make sure your booth is easy to read, located high on the booth in case the crowd is blocking others from reading it, and that it’s large enough to read from afar.

Promotional Items

A fun way to get people interested in your booth is having promotional items out and in sight. Gifts related to your brand, should have your logo, contact information on it, and should pertain to the type of business you are in. People will remember a higher quality gift after the tradeshow, so keep this in mind when picking out the types of promotional items you want to include. When handing out promotional items, this is the time to also give out a business card.

If you want the best Las Vegas tradeshow booth design, be sure you are willing to put in the time, effort, and expense in making your design one of a kind.