Here is a selection of questions our clients have asked and their answers.

General Questions

How long have you been in business?

Our sales and design staff has over 20 years of creative experience serving some of the nations biggest companies.

What if I don’t want to buy an exhibit?

Xibit Solutions caries a wide range of customizable rental exhibits and options that can meet your tradeshow requirements.

Where can I see examples of your work?

You can visit our Product Gallery to view some images of past work, make an appointment to visit our office to see a wide range of current and past projects or request more contacting us.

Are trade show booth rentals expensive?

Yes and no. Granted, they can be pricey, but when you factor them into the scope of how much ROI you will see from using them, it becomes more reasonable. In addition, over half of all trade show displays won’t go to major trade shows, but instead will be used for local shows, industry events, or recruitment fairs. Typically, these are pop-up banners or tabletop displays, for instance.

What can I do to make my trade show booth stand apart from the competition?

General rule of thumb, you have about 3 seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention. You need a beacon of sorts to attract them, whether it’s colors, lights, special effects, or active demonstrations. Feature your logo or branding in a prominent location (even better, multiple locations). Offer important graphic statements like benefits or calls to action for maximum emphasis.

We only have a 10 ft. trade show booth, are we in trouble?

No. It does require a little more thinking outside of the box, though.
Your booth should be colorful and bright to attract the most eyes. Consider a unique shape to add intrigue and stand apart.
Since you will also need less staff to manage the booth, it’s important to bring the best of the best. One bad staffer and your entire show could be jeopardized. Also, while it may seem logical to only send one or two to staff a booth of that size, subjecting them to sitting there for hours on end will ultimately leave them bored and uninviting to your potential clients.

In this technological age, aren’t trade shows becoming obsolete?

No. While technology is becoming the standard in many different areas, when it comes down to it, nothing trumps human interaction, especially with sales. You can’t get the same reads or interaction off of a computer monitor as you can in real-life, no matter how clear the internet connection may be.