Pack Expo 2019: What to Expect for Exhibitors

The Pack Expo is a must-attend event for professionals in the packaged goods industry. With product innovations, educational sessions, networking events and industry leaders from over 40 industry verticals, including engineers, operations, purchasers and package designers, there’s no better way to boost your exposure and build business relationships to fuel industry growth.

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and modern businesses need to keep up. As consumer demands evolve, you need to innovate to stay on top.

If you’re in the packaged goods industry, the Pack Expo is a must-attend event. Pack Expo brings together thousands of industry professionals and suppliers in the packaged goods industry across all verticals, giving you an opportunity to network, discuss industry trends and look to the future. This trade show is always on the cutting edge and addresses the demand for innovation in these industry verticals, offering first looks at new technologies, expert solutions to production problems and free educational seminars.

Learn more about the Pack Expo 2019 and find out why you should exhibit and reap the benefits of such a prominent event.

About the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

Pack Expo is hosted by Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI), the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies. This organization represents over 850 manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and materials to the packaging and processing industry.

With trade shows, trade media and other resources, PMMI works to advance a variety of industries by connecting consumer goods companies with manufacturing solutions. The core purpose of PMMI is to unite the industry across the supply chain and connect people, knowledge and ideas for success in a changing global marketplace.

Who Attends Pack Expo?

Pack Expo draws professionals from a variety of packaged goods industries and over 40 vertical markets, such as:

  • Corporate, general, plant and project managers.
  • Engineers.
  • Production supervisors.
  • Operations and quality control.
  • Purchasers.
  • Package designers, brand managers and marketers.
  • Logistics and supply chain management professionals.

Themed pavilions, educational sessions and networking lounges are provided to maximize your exposure at the event and create opportunities for business relationships.

Pack Expo 2019 takes place Sept. 23-25, 2019, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Innovation Stage

The Innovation Stage is a venue that offers free educational seminars from suppliers on the show floor. These are only open to exhibitors and don’t require registration, so you’re free to stop in at any time during the show.

Innovation Stage seminar topics usually include:

  • Achieving Ultra Clarity, Microwavability, Freezability and Sustainability in Prepared Food Containers.
  • Empowering Cobots and Traditional Factory Automation with Vacuum.
  • The IIoT Promise: Improving OEE and Machine Reliability.
  • Laser-Coding.
  • Multi-Camera Inspection.
  • Overcoming E-commerce Challenges with Packaging.
  • Smart Flexible Manufacturing.
  • Sustainable Plastic Food Packaging for a Circular Economy.
  • Transitioning from Rigid to Flexible Packaging.
  • Trends and Innovations in Temperature-Controlled Facilities.

The Forum

New for 2019, the Pack Expo offers a forum with free sessions on the latest industry trends for an interactive learning experience. These forum sessions include hands-on activities, group discussions and Q&A sessions.

Featuring such leading organizations as the OpX Leadership Network, the Institute of Packaging Professionals, the Organization for Automation and Control, and Robotic Industries Association, the forum offers seminar topics like:

  • Planning for Career Success in Packaging.
  • Understanding Overall Equipment Effectiveness and How to Calculate It.
  • Education & Workforce Development Best Practices.
  • Using Packaging Design to Enhance the Consumer Experience.
  • Standardizing Factory Acceptance Test Procedures.

The forum is a great way to expand your knowledge in the industry and enjoy hands-on learning with other professionals.

Reusable Packaging Learning Center

With the Reusable Packaging Learning Center, you can discover how investing in reusable packaging can improve sustainability and cost-effectiveness in your supply chain. You can also hear from experts and end users during presentations that focus on best practices for implementing reusable packaging in your supply chain.

The Reusable Packaging Learning Center takes place in the Reusable Packaging Pavilion, which features products and services from exhibitors and members of the Reusable Packaging Association. This is a great place to explore reusable packaging options and learn more about how to incorporate them into your workflow.

Exhibitor Booth Demonstrations

Whether you’re in need of a solution to a production challenge or you want to show off your own products during the show, in-booth product demonstrations and education should be on your agenda. These demonstrations showcase the latest and greatest in products from leading and emerging talent in the industry, so you can be the first to take advantage of the opportunity.

In-booth demonstrations also give you a chance to speak to the exhibitors and learn more about the products, ask questions and listen to the insights of others.

Robotics Zone

New for 2019 is the Robotics Zone, a space that puts the spotlight on fun and interactive robotic activities and cobot displays to show how automation is transforming the industry.

During this experience, you’ll be welcomed by a Greeter Robot, watch robotics teams put their work into action at the Future Innovators Robotics Showcase and learn about Pack for a Purpose: Robots Fighting Hunger, a collaborative effort that uses robots to pack food and feed children facing food-insecurity all over the country.

During the event, you can try out Interactive Dice Playing robots, listen to the Kuka Robotic Band live for a little fun and watch a Siemens demonstration of Artificial Intelligence and Human Interaction.

Networking Lounges

Networking lounges offer a comfortable and convenient place to take a break from the show and spend some time socializing and networking with peers in your industry. In addition to casual meetings and conversation, networking lounges provide free educational presentations from industry experts.

Networking lounges can be found throughout the event center and include:

  • The Candy Bar Lounge.
  • The Snack Break Lounge.
  • The Beverage Cooler Lounge.

Each of these lounges will have educational presentations to be announced closer to the show date.

Technology Excellence Awards

The Technology Excellence Awards is a cutting-edge program for innovative new technologies that are just hitting the market. Finalists gain exposure for a new product at the show and through the show’s media outlets, such as coverage in industry publications. Applications are reviewed by established panelists, including professionals from the Contract Packaging Association and the Institute of Packaging Professionals.

Awards are divided into the following categories:

  • Baking/snack/confectionery.
  • Beverage.
  • Dairy.
  • Meat/poultry/seafood.
  • Personal care/cosmetics.
  • Pharma/medical device.
  • Prepared food.
  • General packaging.

All registered exhibitors of Pack Expo are encouraged to submit an application for an innovative technology that has not been revealed to the public for a chance to win a Technology Excellence Award.

Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting your products at Pack Expo is vital to maintain a strong presence in the industry. With powerful buyers from the top verticals in the industry, this is the premier event for packaging innovation.

At Pack Expo, you can show your products to 30,000 packaging industry professionals from 126 countries to gain more exposure, highlight crossover solutions and break into new markets. With 7 in 10 attendees having considerable or final decision power, your leads are in a position to say “yes” to your product.

You’ll also be in good company, since Pack Expo regularly attracts some of the biggest names in the business, including Automated Packaging Systems Inc., R.A. Jones and TopTier Palletizers. Each year, these industry giants showcase new products at the show and offer insights into how the industry is growing and evolving.

Make an Impression

Pack Expo is a huge event, so it’s important to stand out and give your business a chance to shine. Whether you’re planning on doing in-booth demonstrations or just showcasing products, every detail of your booth should represent your brand identity and attract attendees.

Here are some tips to craft an excellent booth experience:

  • If you’ve attended a trade show in the past, consider your performance and see what areas you can improve. Set goals in advance to prepare for your trip.
  • Focus on one or two showcase products and design your booth’s graphics, layout and marketing materials around those products to draw attention. Use bold, easy-to-read text to catch the eye of attendees.
  • Use digital marketing materials to express your brand’s message.
  • If you’re planning a demonstration or seminar, prepare your whole team to speak to attendees and answer questions about your product or business. This will establish your thought leadership.
  • Offer promotional materials that are useful and that educate about your products, such as a flash drive with a slideshow of your newest products.

By planning out the details of your booth, you can ensure that you get the most out of your investment and impress the attendees.

Get Ready for Pack Expo 19 With Xibit Solutions

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