How to Attract Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth Before the Convention Even Starts

Beer advertisement using pretty girl

Attracting people to your trade show booth

Photo by Sirsnapsalot

Pretty girls and free beer!

All right, well, maybe your brand manager won’t allow you to go that route. There are other options. Here’s a big idea! Mail potential visitors a unique gift before the convention starts.

Here are two ideas:

A Pineapple
Seriously. Mail visitors a pineapple (or any gift that goes with your booth’s theme). That’ll get them talking. Make sure your company’s logo is clearly visible and include a clever, witty message. Here’s an article that describes the idea a little more.

A Special Key
Mysterious keys have a way of attracting attention. Send potential visitors a key to a safe you’ll keep at the booth. If their key’s the winning key, they get what’s inside! It’s a great, physical way to draw people to your booth.

And once you get them there, make sure you presentation is great.  Contact Xibit Solutions for assistance with your next trade show stand.