7 Characteristics of Effective Trade Show Booths

Want to know the marketing secrets of a compelling and effective trade show booth and booth design? Trade show marketers should take note of these 7 considerations, which will make you an indispensable asset to your company.

1. Keep abreast of current trends

Hot trends for 2013 include smart badges that track attendance rates, photo booths, and Prezi–the modern cousin of PowerPoint. With marginal growth expected in trade shows this year, staying on top of trends is vital.

2. Incorporate social media

One of the most cost-effective trends is social media, which is ever evolving. With new platforms coming out every few months, it’s important to be hip to the latest social media applications, like Vine.

social media

3. Don’t be an invisible exhibitor

It’s important to put out the word well ahead of the trade show that your company will be there. Let people know via phone calls, emails, social media, or advertising so they will look for you at the show.

4. Exude booth design feng shui

Happy salespeople at your booth and an inviting layout will attract more guests. Consider incorporating color into your booth design, but don’t clutter the space. Have a floor plan ahead of the show, which will ensure your message and design are complementary.

5. Have a cohesive brand message

Make sure the three major presentation components – content, graphics, and audience – are aligned. Will each component add value to the conference’s audience, both on its own and combined?

6. Follow up with prospects

Follow up using the 5-10-20-40 method, which is how many days after the show a prospect should be contacted. You’ll know where you stand with a prospect in a short amount of time.

cell phone

7. Know your ROI

Having a booth at trade shows is not a cheap endeavor. Calculate your trade show ROI by subtracting expenses from post-show sales, and then divide by expenses. Know which sales are traced back to shows within your company.


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