How to Write the Perfect E-Mail Subject Line After a Trade Show

Trade shows are the best opportunity to generate leads, but most times closing those sales requires follow-up communication that is effective, informative and follows best practices. Without a doubt, a strong knowledge of the ins and outs of email marketing is more important than ever.

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The subject line

It all starts with subject line. Because this text is visible to a recipient before they even open your message, the tone and content can persuade them to either click or keep scrolling. Without a good subject line, the rest of the e-mail is irrelevant.

How to write it

The best subject lines don’t sell what’s in the e-mail, they tell you what you’re about to read. Whether you’re going funny or formal, the most important aspect of your subject line’s content is that it is relevant. Also, craft your sentence or phrase with the most important information at the beginning of your message. Some text can get cut off, especially if the recipient is emailing from a mobile device. Many people look for reasons not to read emails, make sure you survive the cut.

Some Examples

If you’re following up after a trade show, it’s important to make a reconnection. Here are a few suggestions for quality email subject lines:

  1. Prospect Name), Thinking of you after (Show Name) ex: John, Thinking of you after Widget Show
  2. When we met at (Show Name)
  3. What You Were Looking for at (Show Name)
  4. Info you requested at (Show Name)
  5. (Prospect Name), Sign up for Friday’s (Product Name) Webinar

Using your prospect’s name in the subject line is a personal touch that will almost always get a click. You can’t tell ahead of time which e-mail subject line will work best for your clients and product. Try crafting two different subject lines, then send one to half of your list and the other to the second half. Whichever gets opened the most is the winner.

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