Hospitality Design Expo 2020 | What to Expect for Exhibitors

IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: In collaboration with the members of the community, the Hospitality Design Expo + Conference, which had been scheduled for May 5-7, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been canceled. The decision was made upon reviewing travel restrictions, containment areas, government and public health authorities, company-imposed travel restrictions on exhibitors and attendees, and cancellations made by conference partners. At this time, the next Hospitality Design Expo + Conference is scheduled for May 4-6, 2021.

Read the Hospitality Design Expo + Conference official statement here.


Trade shows are an excellent way to network with other industry professionals and gain exposure for your business. If you’re in hospitality design, the Hospitality Design Expo 2020 is a must-attend trade show for your business. The show brings together the most influential designers, developers and purchasers to share ideas and learn about new products.

Find out more about the Hospitality Design Expo 2020 and see why you should exhibit.

About Hospitality Design Magazine

The Hospitality Design Expo is hosted by Hospitality Design magazine, a premier trade magazine for the hospitality design industry. It features information and trends about hotel, restaurant, resort, spa and nightlife design for purchasing agents, architects, interior designers, owners and operators. Over 37 years, the magazine has been a key component of inspiration, trends and development in the industry.

About Hospitality Design Expo

The Hospitality Design Expo brings together over 12,500 industry professionals from around the globe to share products, information and ideas. In addition to sourcing new products and gaining exposure, the expo provides unrivaled opportunities for networking with the biggest names and innovators in the industry through specialized networking events.

Hospitality product suppliers and manufacturers attend the expo to have a platform for their products and services. Buyers from both national and international hotel chains, spas, casinos, nightclubs, restaurants, country clubs, timeshares and cruise ships attend the event, comprising an average of $3.2 million in spending power.

The Hospitality Design Expo takes place May 5-7, 2020, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Educational Opportunities

The Hospitality Design Expo is the place to learn about and experience the newest trends and ideas in the industry. During the show, there’s a full range of educational sessions and conferences to attend, including:

  • Cruise Case Studies: Rethinking Marine.
  • What the Client Wants: Ask the Hotel Brands.
  • Idea Exchange: Inclusion! Why Diversity Matters to Design.
  • Conversations: Climate Chaos, Well-being, and What’s Next.
  • Deep Dive: Demographics, Generations, and Design Impact.
  • Interactive: Hospitality’s Modular Future.
  • Conversations: Women in Design.
  • Emerging Trends: Hospitality Hybrids.
  • Conversations: Where in the F^*% Are We?
  • CapEx Bootcamp: Interactive Insight on Design Spending.
  • Emerging Trends: Global Influences Beyond Hospitality.
  • Emerging Trends: The Carbon-Free Future of Hospitality.

Special Events

In addition to educational and networking opportunities, the expo holds special events throughout the show for unique insights and opportunities. These include:

  • The HD Passport Cash Giveaway: During the show, attendees can pick up a passport from registration and collect stamps from the show floor for a chance to win $10,000 in cash.
  • The Box Design Competition: This event is a design challenge that brings together the top hospitality design firms to develop design ideas.
  • HD Theater: This event is a conference series with trends, influencers and projects that are vital to the industry.
  • Learning Lounge: The Learning Lounge is a more intimate experience to gain inspiration from emerging stars and trendsetters in hospitality design. You can also gain CEU credits.
  • HD Park: This event showcases outdoor tented camps and glamping resorts for an immersive experience in this trending hospitality movement. Here, you can take part in games, eat delicious food from local food trucks and enjoy a fireside chat with industry experts.
  • Social Hub: The Social Hub event features intimate, 30-minute conversations from industry leaders about the challenges and opportunities.
  • Wellness Pavilion: The Wellness Pavilion covers the entire sector of the industry and addresses concerns with the growing trend of wellness tourism. This pavilion hosts sessions about the tourism trend and how the hospitality industry can capitalize.
  • The Young Entrepreneurs: This event features the past Wave of Future honorees discussing trends, challenges and innovative solutions to adapt to industry changes.
  • Party by the Pool: This is a fun outdoor pool party at the Greek-inspired KAOS resort with cabanas, bars and inspired designs.
  • Green Voice Conversations: This event features a series of four 30-minute interviews between sustainability experts to cover issues and trends in green hospitality.
  • Owners’ Roundtable: The Owners’ Roundtable is the signature event that brings attendees face-to-face with industry professionals to provide insights into the design market.

Keynote Speaker

The 2020 keynote speaker for the expo is Hospitality Design magazine’s editor-in-chief Stacy Shoemaker Rauen. In an exciting opportunity, she will bring her “What I’ve Learned” series podcast to the expo, which features influential hotel and design leaders in in-depth discussions about their challenges, successes and lessons learned throughout their years in the industry. Some of her past interviewees include Kane Sarhan, Michael and Alan Fuerstman, Ian Schrager and Kit Kemp. You won’t want to miss this!

Make an Impact at Hospitality Design Expo

Trade shows are a great way to get your products in front of prospective clients, but it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of businesses competing for attendees’ attention. If you want to gain the maximum return on investment and ensure you make valuable connections at the Hospitality Design Expo, take a look at these tips:

  • Plan before you get there. Once you confirm your attendance, start planning your logistics, travel, marketing, etc., to ensure you have everything ready to go. Then, you can focus on promoting your attendance and creating anticipation for your visitors.
  • Come up with unique swag. Most businesses use logo pens, mugs and drink koozies to entice visitors, but they’re not memorable. While it’s good to have some practical logo gear, like pens or tote bags, try to get some branded gear that’s a little quirkier, like laptop skins, sunglasses or headphones so that your business will be memorable.
  • Do your research. Trade shows tend to attract the giants in the industry, especially at the larger shows. Before you go, research your competitors and see what you’re up against so that you can come up with innovative and interesting ways to set yourself apart.
  • Invest in a spectacular booth. Your trade show booth is what attracts clients. Consider your trade show booth part of your marketing budget and put the time, energy and money into making it great. Small touches, like company colors and bold graphics, go a long way.
  • Make it fun. Networking events are designed to get people mingling and letting loose. Instead of focusing on interacting with as many people as possible, try to enjoy yourself and let relationships develop naturally. You’ll not only attract more people, but you’ll also be a memorable contact. You could even throw mini parties at your booth, rather than relying solely on the expo networking events.
  • Use interactive assets. Create a video or slide show about your company or products that plays on a loop at your booth. It will invite visitors to learn more about your business, even if your staff is busy with other people.

You can also check out our Trade Show Preparation Guide to get other tips about boosting your trade show experience.

Maximize Your Trade Show Exhibit With Xibit Solutions

The Hospitality Design Expo brings together over 12,500 industry professionals from all over the globe to share products, information and ideas. If you’re planning to attend the Hospitality Design Expo 2020, Xibit Solutions can help you make the most of the experience. We have years of experience creating customized trade show booth designs and graphics to help you attract attention on the show floor. We’ll handle the hard work so you can focus on promoting your business. Contact us to learn about our trade show services and see how we can help your business succeed.