HD Expo + Conference 2023 | What to Expect for Exhibitors

The largest hospitality event of its kind, HD Expo + Conference returns to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 2-4, 2023.

Showcasing the latest products, services, and innovative developments from the industry’s leading manufacturers, the HD Expo + Conference is the place to be if you’re in the hospitality design industry.


This expo is the conference expression of Hospitality Design magazine, a leader in communication for the hospitality design industry. Like the magazine, this conference and expo provides information and education to owners, operators, brands, purchasing agendas, designers and architects. The knowledge of this industry extends to hotels, resorts, restaurants, nightlife, spas and many other hospitality-oriented projects.

Attendants of this conference will be able to connect with buyers and sellers within the industry: supporting business connections, introducing new products and building industry knowledge for all who are interested.


HD is known to produce a substantial array of large conference sessions that encompass new trends, influencers and projects highlighting what’s new. Along with this, they typically offer smaller group sessions to more closely connect with others, and the chance to earn CEU credits.

Events may stretch throughout both indoor and outdoor areas, adding depth to the available learning and trend-spotting required for all areas of hospitality design.

Some features include:

  • HD Park
  • The Design Well Pavilion
  • HD Social Hub
  • HD Conference

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The main networking event dates for 2023 are May 2-4, and HD Expo + Conference has given information about the three best places to meet and network with others in the industry.

The first main event will be the opening reception, where everyone is invited and no tickets are required. This is a great place to mingle and preview what’s to come for the rest of the conference. Later on enjoy the Party by the Pool, which gives attendees a chance to network in a more relaxed environment at the Palms Casino Resort.

There is also scheduled to be a Young Entrepreneurs Breakfast. It’s a great place for young visionaries to discuss trends and experiences, as well as the challenges and solutions found within the industry.


Trade shows are a great way to get your products in front of prospective clients, but it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of businesses competing for attendees’ attention. If you want to maximize your return on investment and ensure you make valuable connections at the Hospitality Design Expo, take a look at these tips:

  • Plan before you get there. Once you confirm your attendance, start planning your logistics, travel, marketing, etc., to ensure you have everything ready to go. Then, you can focus on promoting your attendance and creating anticipation for your visitors.
  • Come up with unique swag. Most businesses use logo pens, mugs and drink koozies to entice visitors, but they’re not memorable. While it’s good to have some practical logo gear, like pens or tote bags, try to get some branded gear that’s a little quirkier, like laptop skins, sunglasses or headphones to make your business memorable.
  • Do your research. Trade shows tend to attract the giants in the industry, especially at the larger shows. Before you go, research your competitors and see what you’re up against so that you can come up with innovative and interesting ways to set yourself apart.
  • Invest in a spectacular booth. Your trade show booth is what attracts clients. Consider your trade show booth as part of your marketing budget and put the time, energy and money into making it great. Small touches, like company colors and bold graphics, go a long way.
  • Make it fun. Networking events are designed to get people mingling and letting loose. Instead of focusing on interacting with as many people as possible, try to enjoy yourself and let relationships develop naturally. You’ll not only attract more people, but you’ll be a more memorable connection. You could even throw mini parties at your booth, rather than relying solely on the expo networking events.
  • Use interactive assets. Create a video or slide show about your company or products that plays on a loop at your booth. It will invite visitors to learn more about your business, even if your staff is busy with other people.

You can also check out our Trade Show Preparation Guide to get other tips about boosting your trade show experience.


Standing out with a booth to this conference means creating an experience for your connections that is up to industry standards and trends. To get noticed and remembered in a sea of attendees and other exhibits, it’s imperative your booth takes into account the audience of designers and hospitality experts that will be immersed in industry upkeep during the conference.

Xibit Solutions has the knowledge and experience to produce a show-stopping trade show booth that showcases everything you need. They can create a winning strategy that will fit your event space, cater to your team needs, and show the hospitality design industry you have what it takes to provide them with the services they need. Contact us today to see how we can help you succeed at this upcoming event.