Make Your Products Shine With Trade Show Display Cases

If you are going to be displaying your product in a trade show display case, you might want to take advantage of the large amount of research that has gone into the psychology of marketing and product placement. There are some guidelines that will help make your product stand out, get noticed and appeal to the general public, just by placing things a certain way. Try these simple tips to increase the sales of your product when displaying at a trade show.

The display case

beautiful display casesThe first thing you need to decide is what type of display case is going to make the most sense for your product. You’ll need to compare your options to help determine what will best show off your product and what will highlight your brand’s image and products.

Many people just go with the first case they are shown without considering if it will make their product shine look appealing. These people believe it won’t matter because regardless of the case they choose, their product will be seen by trade show attendees. They aren’t considering that with all of the time and cost going into this investment, a decision shouldn’t be made if it could hinder the success of showcasing their product. This is not the time to make quick decisions, but the time to put in full energy and research all available options.

One of the key ingredients to the right display case is choosing the right size. If you have shelves too narrow or that don’t allow enough height for the product, your products are going to look crowded. A busy and messy display is not appealing and will look unprofessional.

Product placement

Once you’ve located the right display case for your product, make sure you’ve got the product displayed so that it appeals to visitors. In most cases, eye level makes the most sense. Most potential customers probably won’t notice something low to the ground or high above them.

Put a limit on how many products you display. When you make shopping easier for the guest, they are more likely to make a decision. Sometimes less is more, and having too many options can be confusing for buyers.

Other tips

The last decisions you will want to consider are:

  • Should I use a display sign?
  • Does my booth fit well in the floor space?
  • Should I make my booth open or have a closed styled case?

Signs are a great way to display benefits of the product and pricing, but make sure your case design allows for signs. Keep in mind an open booth will be more accessible, but if you are concerned about theft you may want to add clear glass sliding panels to lock up at night. Finally, make sure your display booth is going to fill the space you are given, without being too large for the limited room often provided at trade shows.

It is important to make careful decisions when setting up your trade show display case. For more information on trade show booth rentals, contact Xibit Solutions today at (702) 361-7502.