Preparation Today Means Less Stress Tomorrow

Tradeshows are always sensory overload. From the dull roar of thousands marveling at the latest that companies have to offer, to television screens playing videos on a constant loop, touting what’s new for the coming year.

Often times, what gets overlooked is the logistics to make sure that your trade show stands are up and ready for when you walk in. The goal at hand should be the focus of you and your team, which is to press as much flesh as humanly possible and generate leads to promote your company and get your name on everyone’s lips.
Trade Show Rental

To make transporting your trade show booth easier and to ensure everything arrives intact and in perfect condition, here is a checklist with some key points. Follow these and leave the rest to the experts at Xibit Solutions, and travel with peace of mind that your booth will be there and ready when you arrive.

    1. Handle with care. Perishable items cannot be shipped. Take the time to make special arrangements for such items and save yourself the shock of opening up your packages to discover a million pieces.
    1. Ship to an advance warehouse. Doing so will save you a lot of time and stress. Often times, your booth may arrive days or even weeks ahead of the show. You won’t be racing against the clock and hoping beyond hope that your booth will arrive after you do.
    1. Make sure paperwork is handled. Across the board, this is important. If you are shipping internationally, notify your broker and handle all necessary paperwork. This way, there won’t be any delay for your booth to go through customs. It might make it easier for you to organize all your paperwork by using software similar to what can be found at https://www.filecenterdms.com, file management software can save you a lot of headaches when finding the right paperwork when you need it. It’s also important to make sure that a copy of all necessary paperwork goes with the logistics driver and any special forms are filled out. If you’re a business starting out and need more information about paperwork and the different types that are necessary, then you could visit smallbizclub.com where they also provide you with access to free invoice templates.
    1. Label everything. Distinct labels with important information such as your booth number, company name, and show name on the side, along with a contact name and phone number will minimize the risk of mix-ups and make missing packages that much easier to track.
    1. Call confirmation. The day prior to your booth materials shipping, call the freight forwarder to confirm that the scheduled pickup is still a go. If there is a hiccup, you still have time to schedule with a backup forwarder. Hopefully, they’ll be using all the latest export documentation software to help the whole process go as smoothly and quickly as possible so that you can set up your booth on time.
    1. Tracking is peace of mind. Remember to get your tracking number from the freight forwarder once your shipment has left. Most freight forwarder services now provide tracking details at every step of the journey that your shipment takes. Moreover, daily tracking will let you know exactly where your freight is and if on-time delivery is possible.

Preparation is key. In the weeks leading up to a show, taking some time out of your day to handle these issues will leave you more time as the show gets closer to focus on sales strategies and planning meetings with clients. This is what matters.

Your trade show exhibits booth is the first thing that perspective clients will see. Let the experts at Xibit Solutions set the stage for you and your team to showcase the best you have to offer. Call us at (702) 361-7502 for more information on exhibit rentals.