The Country’s Favorite Bargain Stores

Everyone loves a good bargain. No one says, “Wow, I did not pay enough money for that.” There are some stores that have built their empire around providing great bargains. Stores that pride themselves on having the lowest prices and bringing them to you in a convenient and easy way. Here are some of the best bargain stores from around the country.

Overstock.com– Although this website doesn’t have an actual store, you won’t believe the deals. Whether you are looking for home goods, purses, shoes, or something for your backyard barbeque, Overstock.com has it all. And they have it all at extremely low prices.

Forever21.com- This store made all of the right decisions. They targeted their clothing at a younger generation and made the clothes affordable for that generation. You can get two shirts and a skirt for less than $20 if you play your cards right. And they broadcast their inexpensive prices by having constant deals that are marked brightly on their website and in their stores.

Ross- This store has been dressing people for less for years. You can always find a good deal at Ross. Whether you are looking for home decorations, kitchen wares, a new dress or some shoes, Ross has ridiculously low prices. It’s always nice to be surprised by how inexpensive something is.

Walmart- Why do people go to Walmart? Because it is cheap. After all, they do claim to have the lowest prices at all times. All of their slogans and marketing campaigns deal with saving you money. They save you money on everything from socks to groceries. Not only are the prices low, but Walmarts are all over the place, making it easy and convenient for most people to shop there. Their prices, while low, can be reduced even further with the use of promo codes from sites like Raise which can help people to work within their budgets more easily. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

All of these stores have made a name for themselves by offering low prices and making it convenient for people to shop. But they didn’t come from no where, there was a lot of work put into branding their products and names.

Many of them went through various trade shows and retail design creative sessions to put themselves where they are today. If you need creative minds to build a tradeshow display that will stand out, or a company to create a store layout that will bring in customers, Xibit Solutions can help.