Supply Side West

If you’re a restauranteur, a cosmetologist, or a health-food store owner, and you haven’t heard of Supply Side West, you’re in for a surprise. Supply Side West is one of the most popular food and pharmaceutical/cosmeceutical trade shows in the western United States, embracing over 1300 exhibits from different vendors and well-known industrial names. This year, it’s being held from October 10th-14th at the Venetian Hotel and Casino.

Southern Nevada is easily the most popular destination for trade shows, expos, and conventions on the West Coast, drawing consumers and producers of any number of goods to the Entertainment Capitol of the World. And wherever there’s a trade show, you can bet that Xibit Solutions is somewhere in the middle of it.

We offer design, setup, and tear-down services to make the show itself as hassle-free and undemanding on you as possible. Everything from visual design elements to make your convention display or booth stand out from the crowd to the actual nuts-and-bolts work of putting together your booth before the show or taking down the display after the show is over, whatever you need, we can do. What if you don’t want to buy a custom booth, but just need a display for a couple of days? Xibit Solutions makes it easy with a variety of flexible rental designs that can showcase your product to the maximum advantage and minimum time and expense.

Whether you’re a small company or a major corporation, every trade show venue has its own rules and regulations concerning what is and is not acceptable. People coming in from out of town may not know or understand all these rules, leading to incurring a lot of extra expense and hassle that isn’t necessary. Xibit Solutions can help you plan a display that stays within the trade show’s, and the venue’s, rules to make your appearance at the expo a successful one. And because we’re local, we can help you with all the tedious legwork while also giving you all the functionality you would expect from what is, essentially, a mobile storefront and office.

Supply Side West is one of the premier trade shows in the nation for makeup, food, and other biotech applications. All the major players will be there. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have time to make up your own booth stop you from attending.

Contact Xibit Solutions to help you put together a custom trade-show exhibit that will make you look like a player, even if you just run the restaurant on the corner.