SEMA 2011

If you have any interest at all in all things automotive, then you’ve heard of the SEMA exposition. SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Marketing Association, and the SEMA show is one of the largest trade shows. Over 100,000 attendees from over 100 countries bring millions of dollars into the local economy, and some of the biggest names in every facet of aftermarket automotive technology from rebuilding to custom cars will be there.

If you’re considering attending, any old display won’t do. You’re trying to stand out from well-known corporations with huge budgets to create the kind of convention stand that most people could only dream about. Until now.

That’s where Xibit Solutions comes in. They are the leading name in custom trade show displays bringing over twenty years of experience to the convention landscape. They specialize in crafting aesthetically attractive, well-organized displays to help draw prospective customers and maximize the impact of your product or service.

From designing the perfect space, stand, booth, or modular display’s colors and layout to breaking it down at the end of the show, Xibit Solutions specializes in putting together affordable, eye-catching displays. The right colors and materials are important to make your product or service stand out, and how these are put together matters. A bad color scheme can leave your booth looking like a broken down tricycle, which is fine if you’re sitting next to a whole row of broken-down tricycles. But what if you’re sitting next to a Ducati?

Whether you need a simple booth to pass out fliers or a full-room showcase to demonstrate and highlight a broad range of products, Xibit Solutions can coordinate and set up the right display to serve your needs and help grab passersby, drawing them in and making them want to know more about you and what your business or service has to offer.

When the time comes for you to attend any major convention, don’t gamble or settle with a so-so display. Your exhibit is your best and often only chance to get prospective customers’ attention. In a very real way, a custom expo display is like a mobile storefront. You wouldn’t settle for a boring, bland shop, so why would you settle for a boring, bland display?

Let Xibit Solutions show you how they can help your business stand out, even in the biggest and busiest conventions.