Solar Power International 2011

The Solar Power International trade show is kicking off October 17th in Dallas, Texas this year. This is really no surprise, because Texas has positioned itself to become one of the leading hubs for alternative energy sources in the nation with companies like Chariot Energy delivering homeowners with the ability to harness solar energy for use in their own home. Exhibitors from all over the country and the world will be there, demonstrating and discussing the latest breakthroughs and technology in alternative energy production and supply. This is a great opportunity for homeowners to talk to a residential solar installer and ask them any questions they may have. The potential for businesses in the harnessing of solar power is also on show in the form of commercial solar panels as they provide a supply of renewable energy and even tax incentives. Major names in the field will be attending, along with hometown contractors and suppliers, to see what the future of solar energy looks like. It would be a great event for those who are looking at finding a reputable solar energy equipment supplier that could help them get started using renewable energy.

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