Tips for Themed Trade Show Designs

Tens of thousands of companies come to Las Vegas trade shows every year trying to make their mark. To do so, they are increasingly looking for trade show booth theme ideas that not only stick out but also make a lasting impression.

The trick to getting this approach right is not just using a theme idea for the sake of having a theme. If your theming is arbitrary, unclear, confusing, or bizarre, people may remember your booth for all the wrong reasons.

Instead, try to develop a theme organically based on a distinct sense of purpose. You can look to your brand values or your latest campaign for inspiration. Ideally, your theme will not only make sense, but it will also fit like a glove with your company’s current messaging and goals.

If you are looking for theming advice for a trade show booth design in Las Vegas, you can start from these basic principles below.

Aim to Tell a Story

Try to recall the best themed trade show booths that have gotten hype in recent years. A common thread you may notice will be that the art, architecture and features of the booth all took people somewhere. When you stepped inside their booth, you were no longer standing on the floor of the crowded, air-conditioned and noisy Las Vegas Convention Center, you were on a pirate ship, inside a cave, or standing on the deck of a space vessel. To recreate this, you’ll want to hire professionals that can do themed environments uk, or wherever the booth is going to be.

All of these locations are not just somewhere different, either, but a place with a rich set of stories behind them. You feel like you are in a different time or place, and you can begin to feel excitement building towards a brand or campaign in the process.

Polaroid has managed to nail this aspect of their trade show booths time and time again. At CES 2011, as part of a collaborative campaign with Lady Gaga, they transformed their booth into a futuristic and abstract space landscape. The booth captured Gaga’s ultra-modern, avant garde sensibilities. At this past CES, Polaroid went for a complete opposite vibe when they installed a playful and childish treehouse as part of their massive exhibit space.

In both of these examples, Polaroid does not just attempt to nail an aesthetic but to also bring in aspects that tell a story and get the imagination whirring. In the process, people begin to tell their own story about the brand and themselves in their mind.

Make Sure Your Story is Relevant

Having a cool theme that tells a story is not enough to make your trade show booth great. Your theme must also directly reflect a brand value or a campaign you aim to promote.

For a perfect example, look at German outdoor gear maker Globetrotter. They installed “weather simulators” in many outfitter stores, which included freezers that would drop below -15 °C. Rather than being just a gimmick, the freezers allowed customers to genuinely see how effective Globetrotter’s jackets and other gear could be in real world conditions. So, not only did these customers feel like they were mountaineers high up in the Himalayas, but they could also come out of the experience with a concrete brand differentiator: these jackets work.

Pay Attention to the Details for Your Trade Show Booth Design in Las Vegas

Your booth design and its main “hook” can be the driving force behind positive booth experiences, but the small details really bring it all together. Your graphic design elements, your display video feeds and any props you use can all reinforce your theme and make the story you tell all the more vivid.

If you want consulting advice for trade show booth design in Las Vegas that can help you ensure your booth is as amazing as it deserves to be, you can work with a custom booth builder like Xibit Solutions to provide you with a one-of-a-kind booth that will really get people talking.