The Effects of Color and Lighting on Store Design

When walking into a store, most people are just thinking about the merchandise placed in front of them. What they don’t know is everything about the store’s design, layout, colors and placements has been specially coordinated to attract them in and lead them towards purchasing. A store’s design is specially formulated to not only differentiate themselves from competitors and other products, but also to influence the mood and feeling of its customers.

Although many people are unaware, color affects mood tremendously. Not only the color but the way the lights hit that color, and the way the colors around interact with one another. For example, the color blue is associated with being calm and focused. You may see sights such as Facebook using blue as their main color and this encourages users to stay on the site for longer because they feel comfortable.

So if you are opening a new business or trying to design your store, how do you figure out which color schemes and options to use? It may seem like a small decision but the way your store is set up will have tremendous impact on whether shoppers buy or not. You must portray your message in a subliminal way.

Xibit Solutions is a retail design company that specializes in creating retail store setups that will bring your customers in and lead them toward purchasing. They understand the effects that layout and design have on consumers, and will work hard to intertwine your already existing color schemes into a customer magnet, or help you create a new scheme.

Talk to a retail design consultant and make sure you are making the right decisions for your company.