Retail Environments

Are you hosting a new product launch and trying to out due the competition? Whether the focus is diamonds, jeans or sports equipment Xibit Solutions can make the launch effortless and merit peaked product interest. Trade shows can be very busy places with table after table and corner after corner encompassed by the same thing. You need a way to differentiate yourself and not just with the product. At a trade show the key aspect is to catch the eye of the general public and draw them to your station. Even if an attendee simply approaches your station to compliment its design this could be the start to a beautiful client relationship.

Imagine a display shaped like diamonds with a similar sparkle to it. Each individual stand holding the precious stones will be complimented by its own sophisticated sector. Diamonds will be organized and classified by cost, carat, class, cut and color. Xibit Solutions can even conceptualize a VIP section within your display for high-end pieces. This will make your clients feel distinct and appreciated. We will create an area that radiates elegance, style and finesse for ideal product reach.

Interactive products such as sports equipment need an entertaining display. Lets say basketball is the big push for this season. Picture a display with basketball netting occupying the walls and floor space resembling a basketball court. When little ones are accompanying their parents we want them to be occupied. Xibit Solutions can setup a basketball hoop where children may enjoy playful games. Have fun with it, preorder prizes with the company’s logo so they can take a piece of the event home. Supply Xibit Solutions with your logo and we will ensure the booth colors coordinate with the logo supplied. The idea is to subliminally engulf clients with the product.

Let Xibit Solutions plan the creative concepts for you. Our consultants can meet with your sales team to get a feel for what you need your space to portray. Remember, Xibit Solutions will setup and dismantle your booth so you can worry less about what strong men can setup the event and focus more on having you best salespeople present. Exceed your sales goal and penetrate you target market with the innovative aesthetic techniques Xibit Solutions has to offer.

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