Money Savings Tips for Exhibit Booth Rentals for Small Businesses

an exhibit booth in las vegasWhen you decide to get your company involved in a trade show, creating and designing your booth can really add up. Here are some great money-saving tips for keep costs down on exhibit booth rentals. You may not know, but some businesses will actually cut-costs to ensure they can make these events in the hope to boost future business. If you’re one of those businesses, you’re in luck! With sites like Utility Bidder, you can cut your monthly out-goings drastically. You may also want to investigate the banking services available to businesses such as yours. Take a look at the Atlantic Union Bank Landing Page to see the ways in which your business can leverage the services they have to offer.

Portable Exhibit

One route is to use a portable exhibit. This is a good option for those that aren’t trying to make a big presence at the trade show, but rather make an appearance and collect leads. You can use a nearby table to place the portable exhibit and avoid drayage fees. Drayage fees add up quickly when you are using a booth and have a lot of items that cost money to ship and have unloaded.

Trade Show Booth Rental

If you do find yourself needing to actually get a full booth, consider renting the booth rather than buying one. This way you can also rent the shelving, display mounts, lighting and counters rather than buying all of those. All of this will save a fortune, make your booth stand out, and rentals can usually be put together to suit the space you’ve rented. Businesses looking to save money where they can, and stay on top of their financial situations, may benefit from looking into various business banking solutions that will help them with setting up business checking and savings accounts.


It will save money to use lighter weight materials to help with those high drayage fees. This way the staff you are using will more easily be able to set up your booth rather than hiring help setting up large or heavy pieces.


With the economy being hard on everybody, sometimes business owners can have luck in negotiating fees with the tradeshow management. They may cut someone a deal if they have a space to fill with a booth. This is not always the case when it’s a larger show, but when you’ve waited till the last minute for the trade show then they may be forced to lower their fees to fill a booth space.

Professional Assistance

It’s always going to be useful to hire a professional that knows the ins and outs of the business, can handle the designing and knows ways to cut costs. It may even be worth to simply find an accountant near you, such as Los Angeles accounting services that can do your bookkeeping. They can help you get your finances in order before you venture out on a trade show. A trade show can be a big deal and so you need to have all the advantages before going. In Las Vegas, there will be similar bookkeeping accountants that can help. You can also hire a Las Vegas trade show exhibitor that will help you get your booth ready on your budget.

These money savings tips can really help a company looking to participate in a trade show, especially for companies that rarely do this type of marketing. It’s a great way to get your business or product recognized on the market, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get your business in a tradeshow in La Vegas.