5 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Appearances More Worthwhile

If you want to get your company noticed, a trade show is a great venue to do so. You’ll be among people who are actively interested in finding new businesses whether as customers or investors, so you’ll already be pitching to a captive audience. There are some issues that go along with trade shows, however, such as the relentless competition from the other booths around you.

Failing to compete with surrounding booths at a trade show is just one thing that make your trade show exhibit a waste of time. Before you plan your trip to a trade show, you need to learn how to ensure you get more than your money’s worth. Here are a few tips on making your trade show appearance worthwhile.

Attend the Right Show

When some business owners hear the words trade show, they immediately think of exposure and new customers. While that is possible, it’s not a guarantee especially if a particular trade show doesn’t quite fit your specific business. Before you sign up for any kind of trade show, you need to learn what kind of people will be attending and determine the likelihood of getting new clients and the impact they’ll have on your progression. There’s no reason to waste time on a show when the benefits don’t outweigh the costs.

Be Unique

It may sound like obvious advice, but one of the most important things of any trade show exhibitor is to stand out from the crowd. From the perspective of an attendee, most booths are just that. Booths with some pamphlets and people standing awkwardly inside. Make your booth something different. A giveaway is a good easy strategy, but most people are wowed with technology more than anything else. If it’s in your budget, make sure you include some screens or other fancy tech in your booth.

Walk the Floor

If you drift away from your booth every now and then, that’s okay. In fact, it could be beneficial. While you’ll likely find plenty of competitors on the show floor, you could find some potential partners too. When you go to the right trade show, there are going to be exhibitors from all facets of your industry, and teaming up with one of them could lead to mutual gain for both businesses. Bring your business cards with you and start making friends.

Follow Up

Even after the event is over, your work isn’t done. Whether you met new clients or new friends in the industry, following up is the most important part of retaining and developing those important relationships for your business. Book meetings, work with clients and do everything else you can to keep those relationships going. You may not see immediate results from this, but it is essential nonetheless.

Get Help From Exhibit Services

Trade shows can be costly and complicated to handle on your own which is why hiring the services of a trade show exhibit services company can help make your trade show appearances worthwhile. If you want outstanding service and proven strategies, contact Xibit Solutions today and find out what we can help you make your trade show appearances worthwhile.