Tips for an Exhibit Display that Stands Out from the Crowd

Trade show displays have to compete in a sea of noise. Almost inevitably, someone attending a show with you will have a bigger, flashier and more expensive booth than yours. Yet, there are plenty of ways to stand out without entering a budget war. In fact, using some simple design principles, you can call attention to your booth by being different in subtle – yet impactful – ways.

Those trying to stand out on a crowded trade show floor can use the following ideas to get more attention for their booths and make a solid impression.

Use Contrast to Your Advantage

Bright colors catch attention because they stand out from their surroundings. Sometimes, these colors are not even actually that bright but merely contrast really well. For an extreme example, look at this frame from the film Pleasantville. The color of Reese Witherspoon’s lollipop is far from a “shocking” hot pink, yet it pops off the frame because it is the only object with color.

Taking this lesson to heart, realize that controlled use of color is one of your best tools for attracting attention. You can use a dark blue or gray booth design with a lit-up logo and accent lights to make your brand feel futuristic. To make this work you need to have access to eye-catching business logos that represent your company effectively. Or, you can use a more classic-feeling sepia palette with a few pieces of rich, bright trim in primary colors to communicate feelings of excitement or nostalgia.

Highlighting these elements properly involves deciding what you do and don’t want to draw attention to. Decide upon priorities for your booth and dial down the other elements to make these priorities stand out.

Don’t Follow the Herd

One classic piece of advice to stand out at trade shows is to use a big, hanging banner hung up as high as you can manage. But, if every single booth follows this advice, then all you have is a mess of indiscernible banners competing for eyeballs.

In situations like these, zigging when others zag makes the most sense. Perhaps instead of going higher, your booth has elements displayed only at eye level. Or, instead of hanging a banner, you use a more subtle spinning logo or graphic-printed fabric with a fan behind it.

Tapping into ways to make your booth feel unique involves careful research of the latest booth trends, so working with an experienced Las Vegas trade show booth builder can help.

Try Something New With Your Trade Show Display

If you have done the same thing with booth elements like your logo every year – or if you have been copying the latest trends – you may want to rethink your approach. Perhaps you can use the graphical element of your logo and leave off the text, or vice-versa. Perhaps you can transform your booth text into something theme-appropriate for your latest campaign, such as making it wrap around the booth like schools of fish for a back-to-school display.

Trying new things and seeking out new ways to express yourself are keys to being noticed and remembered at a trade show. Even something as simple as shifting your booth to a retail-type display can cause people to stop and take a few extra moments when taking in your display.

If you want to learn about the best way to represent your brand, get attention and stand out at your next trade show, you can work with our experienced and ambitious trade show display builders in Las Vegas. Get a free estimate for your booth when you contact us today.