RECon’s Real Estate Industry Conference for 2021

If you’re into retail real estate, it’s time to mark your calendars for the live version of RECon 2021. This top industry trade show is scheduled to take place December 5-7, 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada.

The conference is hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), which focuses on the retail and real estate industry. RECon provides a global gathering of retail real estate individuals and businesses, including developers, owners, brokers and retailers.

What to expect at RECon

Each year, RECon brings programming focused on innovations across retail real estate. The ICSC is prepared for a big show in 2021, with professional development and career-building opportunities encompassing all days of the show.

RECon promises connections with top-tier brands, deal-making opportunities and more. This tradeshow is the largest in the industry, providing top networking opportunities for those wanting to see and be seen.

With so many industry professionals, it also makes a great event for thought leadership and more events featuring industry experts, as well as the place to see the latest in technology and trends.

COVID Safety Information

Because of the rapidly-changing nature of COVID-centerend guidelines, information on health and safety protocols have not been made available for this show. Although no details are available, be assured that there will be safety precautions and CDC health guidelines in place as needed. Get updates on any changes to this information directly from the RECon website.

How to Prepare to Exhibit at RECon

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor at RECon, you can find out more information from the exhibitor page of their website. There is also a list of exhibitors available from their team, to find out more about what type of industry professionals and businesses will be present on the show floor.

As is common with many large shows like this, attendance as an exhibitor means putting in extra effort to stand out from other booths. December may seem like a lot of time to prepare a booth for the show, but many businesses start planning closer to a year ahead. But not to worry! There is plenty you can do to get on track for a successful experience at RECon.

In addition to following an outline like this plan we’ve created, keep in mind a few of the most important things for a successful show:

  • Get the word out – Announce your attendance to both current customers and future prospects. This can be done with simple things like word-of-mouth, emails, social media posts or advertising. Be clear where your booth will be, and what you’ll be providing—including any giveaways you’ll be handing out!
  • Train your team – Don’t assume your staff will naturally know what to do. Everyone working the booth should be informed about what to expect at the show and how to communicate with people visiting the booth, including top takeaways or business goals.
  • Make your booth stand out – A professionally-done booth will make sure to leave a positive impression with everyone you come into contact with. For ideas on how to create a successful booth, contact our team at Xibit Solutions. Our experts can help from ideation to creation, so you can spend more time focusing on highlighting your expertise.
  • Follow up after the show – This is where many people drop the ball. Don’t wait for attendees to remember to contact you when they’re in need. Keep your company and services top of mind with a friendly follow-up. Even better, if you took emails during the show start up an email plan to keep them updated far into the future too.

You can also use our Trade Show Preparation Guide to make sure you position your business for success.

Xibit Solutions Can Help

If you want a trade show booth that will wow your audience and truly make an impression, we can help. Request a free quote and we’ll help you create the perfect booth for RECon 2021.