A New Date for Offshore Technology Conference in 2021

We’re pleased to announce the newest updates for the Offshore Technology Conference. Like many other events, this show was pushed to later this year to accommodate for COVID-19 issues. The newly-announced dates will be August 16-19, 2021, with registration opening spring of this year. The conference will be held at NRG Park in Houston, Texas. 

Because of the nature of this past and current situation with the pandemic, OTC has been going to great lengths to consider the health of all those involved. They will be planning speakers, exhibits, and other events held both in person and virtually to accommodate for the needs of everyone, and to bring the most education, knowledge and networking opportunities to the 2021 conference.  

About the Offshore Technology Conference

This is one of the largest events for energy professionals to share ideas and work on upcoming technology to advance offshore resources and environmental topics. It is an ongoing meetup that has been held for the past 52 years, expanding from the original Houston location to multiple conferences around the world. 

Visitors will learn about leading-edge technology in their field, see the world’s largest exhibition of new products, meet industry leaders, and make viable connections with others in this technology industry from all different countries. It truly is a place to share and gain new ideas to increase technology benefits for all. 

COVID-19 Safety at the Conference

Because of the nature of this pandemic, safety measures and regulations are continually in flux. OTC is prepared to follow all government and medical guidelines to ensure a safe environment for all those involved, including event staff, participants and guests.

These measures will include strict cleaning standards, special event protocol, and extra staffing as needed. Please check their website for updates as the event date comes closer for any changes that may happen. 

Exhibiting at OTC

Because this conference is owned by over a dozen industry societies, and is a not-for-profit organization, the goal of the conference is squarely set on improving the oil and gas industries through the offshore conferences. 

Attending the conference as a visitor or exhibitor gives you access to those who are similarly minded in a pursuit to benefit and improve these industries and the populations they serve. 

Standing Out at OTC

This conference brings a lot of value to exhibitors, including competitively-priced booth spaces and cost savings for specific industries. Also being such a large conference, with attendees throughout the world, it can feel like a lot of pressure towards making your business stand out and stay memorable long after the conference ends. 

The Offshore Technology Conference helps exhibitors by offering services like the Exhibitor Roundtable. This event is held several months before the conference, and offers training on presentations to assist vendors. Along with this planning event, there are a handful of other things to consider to make your booth one of the best on the floor. 

Pre-Conference Marketing: This includes sharing on social media, sending emails, or any other way to reach current and future customers and attendees. Let them know far in advance you’ll be attending so they can know to find you when they go. It’s also a great way to drum up hype about your booth, and announce any giveaways you’ll be doing. Remember to announce your booth number and location to make it easy for everyone to find you.

Giveaways at the Conference: Many booths do free merch and giveaways to attract conference attendees. This is a great idea to get on board with, but it’s important to think strategically what you’ll be offering. The better aligned your items are with your audience, the more likely they’ll remember you and keep your freebies after the conference. No one wants to spend a bunch of money on giveaways that will be thrown away only hours after they’re handed out. 

Prep Your Sales Team: As successful as your booth and handouts need to be to draw attention to people passing by, your team needs to be completely on board with your conference goals. This can mean an extra round of training for what they should be talking about, who they should be meeting with, and what to do to keep conversations going after the conference is over. 

For more information on preparing and attending the conference, check out our more comprehensive Trade Show Preparation Guide

Make Your Booth Shine

After all the prep you can do for your team and your company, having a booth that really gets your brand and mission across is by far the best thing you can do to leave an impression. Xibit Solutions creates personalized, memorable booths that attract attendees. Backed by a professional team with years of experience in a large variety of trade shows and industry conferences, feel confident knowing your booth can stand out in a crowd. 

Find solutions for your budget, timing and team needs. Contact Xibit Solutions today to learn more about our trade show booth design services and see what we can do to make OTC a success for your company.