How to Prepare to Exhibit at National Safety Council (NSC) Congress & Expo 2022: Tips for Exhibitors

Trade shows are an excellent way to network with industry professionals, nurture new leads and boost exposure for your business. If you’re in an industry concerned with workplace safety, from construction to general worker health and wellness, the 2022 National Safety Council Congress & Expo is the perfect place for you. This weeklong event covers all the industry news and developments that relate to preventable deaths at work, in homes and on the road, with plenty of educational opportunities and new products to give you an edge in the industry.

Learn more about the 2022 National Safety Council Congress & Expo, the world’s largest annual safety event dedicated to workplace safety and well-being.


As the largest annual event dedicated to workplace safety, the 2022 NSC Congress & Expo showcases innovative solutions to the most crucial safety concerns from over 1,100 of the industry’s most influential leaders and advocates.

With over 14,000 safety, health and environmental professionals from 71 countries, the networking and educational opportunities are virtually limitless. Whether you’re looking to connect with new business contacts, find solutions to your most pressing safety challenges or show off your new products and services, the NSC Congress & Expo is the place to do it.

This event will provide vital safety news and information to owners and individuals in the following industries:

  • Construction.
  • Health care.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Mining, gas and oil.
  • Offices.
  • Transportation.

The NSC Congress & Expo takes place September 19-21, 2022 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.


For more than 100 years, the National Safety Council (NSC) has been the nation’s leading safety advocate, with the mission of eliminating preventable deaths in homes, communities, workplaces and on the road. Achieving this mission starts by engaging government agencies, elected officials, businesses and the public with education, research and advocacy to end preventable injuries.

The NSC is the leading source of safety research and resources for business owners as well. The Safety + Health magazine provides coverage of safety news and advanced research, and the NSC University offers workplace education opportunities to continue the mission.

Some of the most valuable initiatives from the NSC include:

  • The Campbell Institute, a global center of environmental, health and safety research and best practices.
  • The Distinguished Service to Safety Awards, an annual award given to organizations that make safety a valuable part of their business operations.
  • Safe Communities America, an accreditation program that recognizes communities that make safety a priority.
  • Road to Zero, a national initiative to end traffic fatalities.
  • Green Cross for Safety award for significant safety achievements.

Through the combined efforts of the NSC and the implementation of better design, better working conditions and accountability for safety hazards, monumental improvements in protecting people and the planet have been achieved.


No matter what industry you’re in, you can experience many benefits of attending the NSC Congress & Expo. It’s a significant investment, but that doesn’t come close to the valuable education, resources and contacts you can gain. More than 90 percent of this event’s audience has buying power in a billion-dollar occupational safety and health market, so the possibilities for your business are virtually endless.

You will also have an opportunity to interact with key distributors, decision-makers and innovators in search of the next great idea, product, service and technology. The buyers at this show are looking for new advancements in personal protection equipment, fall protection, emergency response, industrial hygiene, occupational health, general safety and other safety and wellness arenas.

Could your business be the next big thing at NSC Congress & Expo? Exhibit and find out!


Trade-show attendees often face an overwhelming amount of information and ideas, so it can be easy for an exhibitor to get lost in the noise. When you put a little more work into the design and layout of your booth, however, you can ensure that they visit your booth, spend a little time learning about your business and remember you long after the show.

If you’re new to the market, you not only need to stand out, but you need your target audience to find you. Use bright, bold copy that’s easy to digest to let an attendee know what you’re all about, and keep your focus on one product or service for the time being. This will help your audience recognize and remember you.

Large photos are a trade-booth go-to, but it’s better to avoid too much static imagery. Keep the color palette clean and simple and put all the focus on a slideshow or video message for your visitors.

Finally, make sure your booth is well-lit and easily viewed from a distance, but not too overwhelming up close.

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