2022 National Hardware Show

The 2022 National Hardware Show is back in-person for a fully re-imagined 76th live edition of this popular trade show.

Join in on all things hardware and building at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 5-7, 2022 . Registration is now open!


This show is powered by RX, one of the world’s leading event organizers of B2B and B2C events. Attendees can expect to connect with other consumers and communities worldwide through in-person and virtual events.

RX is part of RELX, a global provider for information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers.

What’s New at the Show

For two full days, the National Hardware Show will focus on providing industry connections and showcasing innovations to grow the global footprint. These days will highlight a renewed outlook of the future, and bring together visionaries for important conversations in home improvement services and building hardware.

Beyond networking and education events, new products and insight will be shared from all over the globe, with exhibits and concepts to push positive trends and concepts in the industry.

Health Screenings and Safety

To ensure the safety of all guests and staff in attendance, the National Hardware Show has implemented new guidelines and policies for their show.

  • Face coverings are required for all attendee in accordance with venue requirements
  • All participants are asked to comply with the Health & Safety Acknowledgement prior to entering NHS
  • Increased sanitization and hygiene that meet or exceed the recommendations of the CDC
  • These guidelines are in line with Las Vegas requirements, and may be subject to change as necessary to comply with Nevada laws.

Who Attends and Exhibits at NHS

The National Hardware Show has worked for decades to deliver the best in industry innovation, products, services and education for all those attending. This includes providing a show floor for over 25,000 industry professionals, spanning over 16 product categories.

For buyers, industry professionals, and media outlets, NHS gives the opportunity to see first-hand the latest and greatest products and trends in the business. This allows businesses to get their products in front of the audiences they most desire, including retailers, distributors, wholesalers and more.

Along with a large show floor, events throughout the show dates will draw in like-minded attendees for networking and learning.


If you’re planning to attend the National Hardware Show 2022, you’ll have a great chance to generate leads and gain exposure for your business. In two days at a trade show, you can achieve the sales and lead generation of several months’ worth of work, provided you play your cards right.

When it comes to trade shows, preparation is everything. Here are some tips to get the most out of your experience:

  • Plan in advance: It always pays to make a plan for the convention you’re attending, including all the events and networking experiences you want to have. Be sure to plan your itinerary strategically so you can fit it all in. See our comprehensive planning guide to get started.
  • Do your research: Pay attention to the sponsors, speakers and exhibitors at the conference and evaluate your competitors to be sure it’s worth your investment to attend.
  • Be frugal: Conventions and trade shows can be a significant investment, but you can maximize your budget by saving on some aspects. For example, choose cheaper lodging and ask for first-attendee discounts from the show coordinator.
  • Schedule meetings: If you want to network, reach out in advance to the vendors and industry experts you may want to meet. They’ll likely be just as busy as you, so scheduling meetings with them will ensure that you get the time you need.
  • Organize: You’ll be emailing a lot of employees, vendors and coordinators leading up to your show appearance, so develop a system to organize all those contacts and be sure you don’t miss anyone.
  • Set goals: Before you go to the conference, set your goals and expectations for what you’re hoping to achieve. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with all that’s available at the event, so having a clear set of goals will help you stay on track.
  • Be social: Socializing matters before, during and after the event. Promote your attendance on your social media accounts to let your customers know you’re attending, share photos or snippets from the event and follow up with leads on social media after the event is over.

You can also use our Trade Show Preparation Guide to make sure you position your business for success.

Armed with these tips, you’ll be ready to make NHS 2022 a success.


With all there is planned at the National Hardware Show, it’s important to make your booth stand out and be remembered. Initial announcements are important to let people know you’ll be there, where they can find you, and what will make it worth their while to stop by. While the show is going, you’ll also need things to stop people casually strolling, and to keep their attention during and after the show is done.

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