IWCE: International Wireless Communication Expo in 2021

IWCE is North America’s premier critical communications event, bringing together professionals and industry leaders from around the globe to learn, network, and evaluate emerging technologies for a more interconnected world.

The International Wireless Communication Expo (IWCE) will return to the Las Vegas Convention Center this fall for it’s 44th annual conference. Events and education will last from September 27-30, with exhibits September 29-30, 2021. 

Conference attendees who paid to attend the IWCE 2020 live event will automatically have access to attend IWCE 2021 with a pass of equal value. Contact the IWCE team for more information on this process.

Education at the Conference

Between workshops, short courses, and power sessions, you’ll be sure to be joining professional development courses that will leave you with more in-depth knowledge of this thriving industry. 

Topics cover a vast expanse of communication topics including regulatory reviews, cybersecurity, push-to-talk technologies, in-building wireless capabilities, smart cities and more. IWCE touts this conference as a chance to “get a year’s worth of education in just four days.”

To get up-to-date information about conference speakers and specific workshops, visit their website to sign up for updates

Networking with Industry Leaders

This conference brings together great minds from around the world who work in government, public safety, utilities, transportation, professional services and the dealer community. This includes businesses in construction, transportation, disaster relief, non-profit, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, first responder roles, law, finance and more. 

Participation events will be plentiful, including keynote speeches, roundtables, panel discussions and workshops that give you the ability to network on a more personal basis. Attendance of the conference helps you connect with over 6,500 other people in the communications industry. 

Exhibit days will include nearly 400 exhibitors in an 80,000 sq. foot exhibit hall within the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Safety at the Conference

Because this conference is set as an in-person event in the fall, COVID precautions have been considered for all exhibit areas, education events, etc. Information about rules of the conference or updates to details concerning safety will be given through IWCE, and can change depending on Las Vegas rules at the time of the conference. 

Create a Memorable Visit at IWCE

If you’re planning to exhibit at a trade show, it can be one of the best uses of time. It can also be time consuming, and use a large amount of other resources as well. Staying organized and planning ahead will make the most of your time at IWCE and help bring a successful weekend well worth the effort it took to be there. We have a handy guide to help you out

Here are a few things to make the most of your days:

Plan for your booth location: High traffic areas are always the most ideal place to be to attract the most visitors to your booth. But beyond that, think about where your booth is in terms of education and speaker events. This can help you prepare for certain audiences, or plan to attract specific industries to connect with. 

Prepare and advertise ahead: Before the event happens it’s imperative to start promoting your attendance there. It’s also a great place to drum up interest with future attendees by talking about giveaways or other special things you’ll have for them if they visit your booth. 

Order trade show freebies: Giveaways and free products can provide extra attention to your booth, and draw more people to connect with. But think about who you’re trying to attract, and what would make the best giveaway for that audience. Memorable takeaways can be just the thing to turn first impressions into future business relationships

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