How to Prepare to Exhibit at International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) 2022: Tips for Exhibitors

If you’re in the grain-based food industry, there’s no better place to show off your brand and build new relationships than the International Baking Industry Exposition. As the industry’s largest and most important trade event in the Western Hemisphere, the International Baking Industry Exposition brings the best minds together to experience the newest innovations, network and participate in cutting-edge conference sessions.

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About the International Baking Industry Exposition 2022

The International Baking Industry Exposition, or IBIE, is a nonprofit event produced by the International Baking Industry Exposition, LLC, and supported by the American Bakers Association (ABA), the Retail Bakers of America, and the Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds (BEMA). It was founded in 1920 by ABA and BEMA as a vital platform for connecting bakers with vendors and providing an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and innovation. All proceeds of this event benefit the grain-based food industry.

Founded in 1897, the American Bakers Association is a voluntary trade association that represents the interests of the wholesale baking industry before U.S. Congress, state legislature and international regulatory authorities. This association addresses the key issues in the industry and initiates key reforms.

Founded in 1918, the Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds is an international trade association that represents food and bakery equipment manufacturers and suppliers of packaging, vehicles and ingredients. This association is dedicated to promoting the professionalism of its members with programs that promote technological advancement and enhance communication.

Founded in 1918, the Retail Bakers of America is a not-for-profit trade association that’s dedicated to improving the operations and profitability of bakers. This association fosters a community of bakeries by offering a platform for the exchange of information and opportunities.

The International Baking Industry Exposition will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 17-21, 2022.

Featured Exhibitors

Here is a list of other companies in the baking industry who see the value in exhibiting at IBIE:

American Pan Company
AMF Bakery Systems
Avalon Deco Supplies, Inc.
Belshaw Adamatic
Burford Corp.
Chicago Metallic Bakeware
Clabber Girl Corporation
Colborne Foodbotics, LLC
CSM Bakery Solutions

Dawn Foods
Empire Bakery Equipment
Food Makers Bakery Equipment
Formost Fuji Corporation
Gemini Bakery Equipment Company
General Mills
Guittard Chocolate Company
Hobart Lallemand
LeMatic, Inc.

Peerless Food Equipment
PreGel America
Rademaker USA, Inc.
Reiser Sasa-Demarle, Inc.
Shick Esteve
Sottoriva America, Inc.
United Bakery Equipment
WP Bakery Group USA

Why Exhibit?

Each year, over 23,000 professionals in every aspect of the baking industry come together at IBIE to form new relationships and create new opportunities for their business. Some of these attendees only make time for IBIE and not other trade events, so this is the one chance to get your business in front of them.

At IBIE, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with the key decision-makers from companies all over the world. The majority of attendees are in a position to approve or recommend purchases and represent significant buying power in the industry, with many enjoying a purchasing budget over one million dollars.

IBIE brings industry professionals from over 100 countries as well, which represents around 30 percent of the total attendees. This offers large-scale growth opportunities and the chance to get you brand in front of a global audience.

Preparing to Exhibit at

International Baking Industry Exposition 2022

Whether you’re a veteran of the industry or attending IBIE for the first time, preparing for a trade show can be a daunting experience. From the preshow planning to the trade booth display, there are a lot of moving pieces that need to come together to make the experience successful.

Fortunately, there are a few tips that will help you make the most of the experience:

  • Try to generate enough leads before you get there. Reach out weeks prior to the event to be sure that it’s worth the investment for you to attend.
  • Be assertive in your networking, but don’t forget to be kind and courteous to all you meet. Keep your booth stocked with refreshments and do all you can to help your fellow exhibitors and attendees.
  • Trade leads with other vendors to expand your reach and build your business partners and future prospects.
  • If you speak, don’t use the opportunity as a pitch. Use it as a chance to educate your colleagues and further the industry, which will earn you relationships and business in the future.
  • Set up appointments for meeting with other leads and business contacts to be sure you can fit it into your schedule.
  • Give out interesting and unique promotional material in exchange for watching presentations or demonstrations of your products. Keep in mind that the gifts should be high-end and worthy of their time and effort.
  • Promote your event before, during and after to maximize your exposure.

Create a Booth That Stands Out

With so many exhibitors and attendees, it can be easy for your booth to get lost in the shuffle if you don’t make it stand out. Use your company’s colors to set your booth apart from your neighbors, avoid being overwhelming or visually cluttered, and be sure you have large, legible graphics that can be seen clearly from across the exhibit hall.

You can also use presentation boards, binders, slideshows or videos to promote your product and catch the interest of attendees walking by. Various booth organizers, stands, racks and other equipment are available to design your booth space, and it’s inexpensive to rent the electronics if you need them.

Create a Showstopping Experience With Xibit Solutions

If you plan to attend the International Baking Industry Exposition 2022 in Las Vegas, the largest and most important food-industry trade show in the Western Hemisphere, you’ll need a showstopping booth experience from start to finish.

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