How to Prepare to Exhibit at AAPEX 2023: Tips for Exhibitors

Get ready for the automotive aftermarket industry’s biggest event of the year – the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX). Organized by the Auto Care Association and the MEMA, The Vehicle Suppliers Association, AAPEX attracts exhibitors and attendees from around the world, offering a prime opportunity to showcase products, network, and forge valuable partnerships.

About AAPEX 2023

Mark your calendars for an exciting three-day event this fall, as AAPEX 2023 returns to Las Vegas at the Venetian Expo. This premier automotive industry gathering brings together a global community of auto parts and technology suppliers, distributors, and retailers.


Get ready to rekindle connections, enhance your expertise through hands-on training, and stay abreast of the ever-evolving technology in today’s vehicles with live demos and product exhibits. From October 31 to November 2, 2023 get ready for an unparalleled experience that will drive your automotive business to new heights.

AAPEX 2023 At A Glance:

  • Date: October 31 – November 2, 2023
  • Venue: Venetian Expo
  • City/State: Las Vegas, NV
  • Sponsor: Auto Care Association, MEMA, The Vehicle Suppliers Association


Who Attends AAPEX?

AAPEX attracts a diverse range of professionals from the automotive aftermarket industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, repair shop owners, technicians, industry experts, buyers, media, and enthusiasts. This premier event provides a dynamic platform for networking, collaboration, and exploring the latest products and technologies in the market, making it a must-attend for anyone involved in the automotive aftermarket sector.

How to Exhibit at AAPEX 2023?

  1. Visit the AAPEX Website: Go to the official AAPEX website (www.aapexshow.com) to access all the necessary information and resources for exhibitors.
  2. Navigate to Exhibitor Information: Look for the “Exhibitor” or “Exhibit” section on the website. This section will contain essential details about the exhibiting process, including booth options, pricing, and deadlines.
  3. Review Exhibitor Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the exhibitor guidelines and rules. These guidelines will outline important information such as booth regulations, display restrictions, and any additional requirements you need to follow during the event.
  4. Select Your Booth Space: Once you’ve reviewed the available booth options and pricing, you can select the booth space that best suits your needs and budget. Keep in mind that booth spaces may be limited, so it’s advisable to book early.
  5. Register as an Exhibitor: After selecting your booth space, you will need to register as an exhibitor. This process will likely require you to provide company details, contact information, and other relevant documents.
  6. Submit Required Documentation: Depending on the nature of your exhibit, you may need to submit specific documentation, such as insurance certificates or product information. Ensure you comply with any requirements outlined by the AAPEX organizers.


Why Exhibit at AAPEX 2023?

Exhibiting at AAPEX 2023 offers unparalleled industry visibility, networking opportunities, and a chance to showcase new products and technologies to a global audience. Generate leads, stay competitive, and gain valuable insights into the automotive aftermarket. Benefit from educational sessions, media exposure, and face-to-face interactions, while building brand credibility and enjoying an engaging industry experience. AAPEX is the must-attend event to drive your business forward and position yourself as a trusted leader in the automotive industry.


What Can You Expect From AAPEX 2023?

Keynote Speaker

Get ready to be inspired by the legendary Earvin “Magic” Johnson at AAPEX as he takes the stage on Tuesday, October 31. As an NBA icon, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Magic will share his remarkable journey to success, emphasizing the importance of knowing and serving customers.


Featured Sessions

You can expect a host of featured sections and experiences designed to address your specific needs and stay ahead of emerging trends at AAPEX 2023.


Electric Vehicle Experience: Gain insights into servicing the ever-evolving market of electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel vehicles.


Automotive Aftermarket Central: Explore over 730,000 sq. ft. of cutting-edge products and solutions to keep vehicles performing at their best for longer.


Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA): Embrace the future of warehousing with suppliers specializing in integrating technology in these centers.


Diagnostics/Telematics/Shop Management Solutions: Stay updated on products and technologies that enhance troubleshooting capabilities and streamline daily operations.


E-Commerce: Discover tools and strategies to excel in the global e-commerce market for automotive parts.


Import Vehicle Community: Connect with parts suppliers catering to import nameplate vehicles.


International Pavilions: Meet companies from around the globe, with exhibitors from 44 countries showcasing their offerings.


Joe’s Garage: Dive into the world of service and repair with shop bays, new tools, equipment, product demos, and more.


Mobile Heat Transfer, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Diesel Emissions: Connect with experts providing solutions in these vital segments of the transportation industry.


New Product and Packaging Showcases: Explore the latest product releases and innovative packaging designs from the past year.


Paint, Body, and Equipment: Acquire key knowledge from suppliers of paint, body, and equipment.


Remanufacturing: Engage in discussions about the future of remanufacturing directly with suppliers and manufacturing experts.


Tire Servicing: Find everything essential for selling, balancing, aligning, and servicing tires, including cutting-edge sensor technology and high-accuracy measurement equipment.


Tool and Equipment: Get hands-on with the newest hand and power tools, along with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in an enhanced area.


Transmission Supplier: Explore a dedicated showcase for aftermarket parts, components, and expertise related to automatic and manual transmissions and transfer cases.

Featured Exhibitors

Here is a list of other companies in the automotive industry who see the value in exhibiting at AAPEX 2023:


  • ADD USA Inc.
  • American Premium Castings LLC
  • Bproauto
  • Car Keys Express
  • Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.
  • Dorman Products, Inc.
  • Eastern Industries
  • Eibach, Inc.
  • Holstein Parts
  • J-B Weld Company
  • Lincoln, an SKF Group Brand
  • LiquiTube Marketing International
  • MAHLE Aftermarket Inc.
  • Masu Brake Pads Pvt. Ltd.
  • MotoRad of America
  • Recochem Inc.
  • RepairPal
  • TMY Corporation


For the full list of AAPEX 2023 exhibitors, visit this page.

Preparing to Exhibit at AAPEX 2023

Trade show exhibits are a big investment; here’s what you need to make your time successful:

We’ve created this comprehensive Trade Show Preparation Guide, which you download for free, to help you prepare for the show.


Set Clear Goals for Your Trade Show Experience

Asking yourself the following questions can help with this task. Once you have the answers to these questions, you can develop a clear plan to reach your goals and measure your success.


  • What do you hope to gain from AAPEX?
  • How many attendees do you want to draw in, and how many leads do you want to generate?
  • What products do you want to showcase?
  • Are you launching a product or promoting your business?

Do Your Research

Although you can’t attend everything, you can maximize your time by putting yourself in reach of your target audience at all times. Focus on the expos and educational events that are most likely to include your target customers so you can put all your attention on those most likely to buy.

Budget and Register for Your Space

When you register for AAPEX, be sure to find out all you can about your space, such as its location on the floor, other exhibitors near you, the typical traffic in the area and what’s included in the space, such as lighting.

Plan Your Exhibit

The last thing you want is a cluttered booth. To plan your exhibit, decide on who you want to reach and what products, demonstrations and promotional materials are best suited to their needs. If you’re targeting multiple audiences, consider the best products to launch or showcase to reach a wide variety of attendees.

Advertise Well in Advance

Trade show promotion should start months in advance. Promote your attendance on social media, your website, in press releases and through email blasts to ensure that your customers have time to plan. Utilize information such as the attendee list to reach new customers before the show even starts.


Tips for Exhibiting at AAPEX 2023

Engage on Social Media

Use social media outlets to share your trade show exhibit information, drum up anticipation for your giveaways or product launches and share behind-the-scenes tidbits like your team packing for the event or show meetings. Be sure to use the show’s hashtags or other relevant tagging to get your posts into the online conversation.

Draw the Crowd

Use an interactive display, such as a game, contest or raffle to draw people’s interest to your booth. Giving away prizes through raffles or contests is a great way to collect information about visitors and encourage more traffic to your booth.

Bring Promotional Materials

Make sure you devote enough of your budget to an array of promotional materials. You should have order forms, business cards, price sheets, brochures, flyers and more that you can hand out to visitors to ensure you stay in their minds.

Keep Staff at Your Booth

At a show, you’ll want to attend networking events and educational seminars, so it’s important to make sure that your booth is never empty. When you’re preparing for the show, ensure you have enough team members attending the show to man the booth the entire time the show is open and greet visitors to engage them with your business.

Follow up With Attendees

Following up with your leads is almost as important as planning for the show itself. Take notes during the event to be sure you remember everyone in all the chaos, and take the time to note any opportunities for a smoother event experience in the future.

Planning on Exhibiting at AAPEX 2023?

With so many automotive professionals and vendors, there’s no better place to network in the automotive aftermarket industry than at AAPEX 2023. This event not only provides endless opportunities for networking and business relationships but also features some of the top educational sessions in the field.

If you’re planning to exhibit at AAPEX, ensure you make the most of your experience and investment with a stunning booth design that showcases your brand. At Xibit Solutions, we specialize in creating a professional booth experience from start to finish, including show displays and logistics, to ensure you make a lasting impression. No matter your budget or needs, we’ll help you make your mark at AAPEX with customized planning and designs.

Contact Xibit Solutions today to learn more about our trade show booth design services and see what we can do to make AAPEX 2023 a resounding success for your brand