4 Must-Have Features for Every Trade Show Booth

Trade shows can be fun, but they can also be a huge source of stress. After all, they’re a major investment in time, money and effort. While they can be a tax write off, they’re also in a very real way costly in productivity. You want to be certain you’re getting the best results from the booth you set up, drawing in the most people and converting leads to customers.

Achieving this goal requires setting up your booth properly, and offering the best possible experience for those who visit. Discover these four essential features for a trade show booth that will give you the best shot at a superior return on investment for your show appearance.

Essential Features for a Trade Show Booth

Trends in design are fleeting and subjective. They come and go. However, there are certain universal features that form the core of any successful appearance. These essential features for a trade show booth are the bones upon which your appearance is built. They include the right lighting, good flooring, consistent branding, and a unique and individual look.

The Right Lighting

Your booth needs to be lit in such a way that not only can visitors see everything clearly, but that your best products and best message are properly highlighted. Make sure that you are illuminating the best parts of your booth design. Don’t be afraid to mix up colors and lighting intensity to get the best effects.

Proper Flooring

Trade shows are usually conducted in a big room with a concrete floor. That can be horrible on feet, and people look for a place to get comfortable. Lay down flooring that both looks good and enhances your booth appearance, but is comfortable upon which to walk. The right flooring can make a surprising difference in your experience.

Consistent Branding

A trade show appearance is all about branding. That means not only do you want people to see your message at every turn, you want that message to be consistent wherever they see it. Get rid of old company logos that don’t match your current one. The same goes with old slogans. Make sure that your message is as consistent as it is clear.

Uniquely You

Finally, your booth is there to tell people who you are. It needs to be uniquely you. If it looks too much like the competition, you’ll either fade into the background, or worse, be confused for another business. Make sure that while your brand is consistently presented, it’s also very uniquely you and perfectly individual.

Create a custom exhibit that not only shows off the best aspects of your goods and services, that not only is consistent in branding, but which stands out from everyone else. The best way to create an unforgettable experience, to incorporate all the essential features for your trade show booth, is to work with an expert trade show exhibit company like Xibit Solutions. Check out the trade show and booth design services we offer, and give us a call today to find out how we can help you!