5 Reasons You Should Hire Staff for your Trade Show Booth

A solid presence at this year’s big trade show could make all the difference in your business’s future. But you don’t have to do the entire thing yourself. Read ahead to find out the five reasons you should be hiring specialized staff to host your booth. However, I should add that vetting anyone you hire is still absolutely essential. Researching drug testing Jackson TN should be considered absolutely essential if you desire trustworthy workers who will present your business in the right light. This is such a good idea, however, if you’re not located in that area, you can still check that your workers are safe. By visiting a website like https://www.countrywidetesting.com/collections/barbiturates-bar-drug-tests, employers can still ensure that their workers haven’t been misusing any drugs. This will ensure that they continue to represent your company professionally. The staff will be interacting with customers, so it’s important that they’re fully focused on their job.

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1. It Can Save You Money

Travel is only getting more expensive. By hiring local booth staff, you can save a bundle by leaving some of your sales team back at the home office. Local booth staff also don’t have lodging or food expenses. Because agencies allow you to choose the staff you want to hire, you can still get promotional staff members that reflect your brand.

2. Booth Staff Can Draw in Attendees . . .

While your sales team might be the experts on your product, they most likely will not be able to bring in attendees (and potential customers) like a beautiful greeter or a model in a character costume, like jessica jones for example. You can tailor it to your business to give you a more unique edge against the others at the show.

3. . . .And Handle the Spotlight

The job of booth staff and show models is to absorb attention. Your sales team is made up of experts at presentation and speaking in small groups, but the trade show floor is a chaotic place with hundreds of potential customers walking by every hour. Let your sales team do what they do best, and leave greetings, introductions and chit-chat to your hired staff.

4. Booth Staff Know How to Build A Buzz

Booth staff not only attract attendees, but they can make your booth a fun place to be for attendees. Booth staff can take pictures with attendees, host drawings or giveaways and host trade show games. If you want people talking about your booth (and your brand) hiring booth staff is the smart move.

5. Booth Staff Know How to Work the Show

Finally, no one knows the ins and outs of a successful trade show like experienced booth staff. They’ve seen a thousand companies fail and a thousand companies soar in many different industries. They also know how to talk to attendees and can even serve as a gateway to pre-qualify leads. Remember, booth models aren’t just pretty faces–they’re experts in the trade show biz.

Don’t let this year’s trade show or convention be a missed opportunity. Take the time to hire the best booth staff available and watch your booth become the place to be.

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