10 Tips For Buying Trade Show Displays

There is a lot more to buying a trade show display than simply the bottom line. To make the most out of your trade show presence, you have to remember that cost is not the same as value. You must think of every dollar spent on your overall trade show presence as a dollar invested in the future of your business. Trade shows can be one of the very best ways to drive new business, so here are 10 tips to get the most value out of your trade show display.

1. Look For Quality

trade show booth

Buying a disposable display from an online service will save you some money in the short term, but by spending a little more you can buy a high quality display that not only looks better, but will last much longer.

2. Make Sure It Works

You have to consider your trade show booth as not only ad space, but as a place to work. Make sure your design supports product demos, with space for storage, monitor mounting, etc.

3. Calculate The Total Cost Of Ownership

The cost of a trade show display is not just the initial investment. Over the life of your materials, let’s say five years, you have to consider how much you’ll spend on shipping, storage and repairs, among other things. Consider modular designs and exhibit rentals as needed.

4. Flexibility Is Key

trade show booth

Consider whether your display materials can be scaled for different booth sizes, and whether or not the content can be adapted as your market changes.

5. Design That Sells

Your trade show display has to do more than just look good. A good exhibit house will have the design skills needed to help you generate sales, improve your trade show presence and continue to build your brand.

6. Experience

A trade show is a specific kind of marketing opportunity. Go with an exhibit vendor that knows how the game works for the best results.

7. Know The Industry

trade show booth

If an exhibit house has had success in your industry already, you’re one step ahead in developing an effective trade show presence.

8. Reliable Customer Service

You want to look for a company with an excellent reputation for customer service. This will not only save you time when problems arise, but will help to produce the best results.

9. Utilize The Internet

Seek out a business that provides online asset management to streamline almost every aspect of purchasing for your trade show exhibit. An online presence will ensure that you can manage your assets any time you want.

10. Many Different Choices

trade show booth

An exhibit house with a wide variety of display materials and solutions will save you time and ensure the best possible fit for your brand image.

Now you know what to look for when purchasing a trade show display. For more information on quality trade show booths, contact us today.

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