Benefits of Exhibition Rentals

In preparing for a trade show, wouldn’t it be amazing to have one less thing on your plate? Wouldn’t it be even better to solve a problem that was a massive element and a potential logistical nightmare? Xibit Solutions proudly offer Exhibition Rentals to meet all of your needs. Our trained team of professionals not only offer design solutions with our vast inventory, but we also handle the shipping of your exhibition rental right to the trade show.

Exhibition Rental Benefits

There are plenty of amazing benefits to renting an exhibition booth.

  • If your company has been hit by budget cuts, it becomes difficult to stay competitive and seem fresh, new, and cutting-edge if you’ve been forced to recycle the same booth that you had the previous year. Start fresh every time by renting.
  • Letting your creative juices flow. Be free to take risks and try new things and shake the thought that a bad idea means keeping a bad booth that you paid for and will never use again.
  • Stressed because of a scheduling conflict? We can help you be in two places at once. Send your normal exhibition booth to one show and Xibit Solutions can help you configure and ship a secondary booth to the other show.
  • Unique booth configuration woes? Sometimes trade shows can seem like a game of Tetris, where you may find yourself squeezed into a unique shape or configuration different from the norm. Purchasing an exhibition booth outright for a one-off occasion doesn’t make sense, so why not take advantage of Xibit Soluions Exhibition Rentals?

Perhaps the best benefit is the ability to enjoy the finest professional quality exhibition booth without the continual costs of ownership. It can be a hassle shipping across the state or even worse, across the country. A bulky booth takes up valuable space in your warehouse and every time you walk past the pile of dust, you will think of what you could have saved by renting from Xibit Solutions.

Whether you’re looking for box frame or aluminum wall panels, reception counters, kiosks or hanging signs, Xibit Solutions has what you’re looking for (and maybe even options that you never even thought of). View our photo gallery call us today for a FREE estimate (702) 361-7502.

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