Will 2021 be the Biggest Year for Trade Shows?

Yes, we all have to admit 2020 trade shows haven’t quite gone as planned. Early on we dealt with a number of postponements, and the continued uncertainty of the pandemic pushed trade shows to cancel or be creative.

While 2020 may go down as the year trade shows were pushed to virtual events and webinar segments, it has given both event coordinators and show attendees high anticipation for trade shows to come. No one knows what next year will look like in terms of big events or crowds, but there’s no denying the excitement that has been mounting for a new level of trade show in 2021.

Trade Show Updates

Things have been changing from moment to moment, but seeing updated in-person or hybrid show options for next year is a good indication people are ready to get back to those convention centers.

Many trade shows are holding in limbo, awaiting new updates and changes the pandemic brings. But they also have a good understanding of the positives trade shows bring to the economy, and the many vendors and customers that connect through these events.

For vendors feeling the push, it’s a great time to capitalize on this pent-up demand. By getting your customers feeling that same sense of excitement, they too can look forward to the new and innovative offerings 2021 trade shows will bring.

Building the Excitement

As we’ve moved through these last few months of uncertainty, we’ve also learned so much, and found smart ways to adapt and fit the needs of our communities. Tapping into that new found knowledge, and building on it, can really build excitement for the future of trade shows.

The current trade show lull is a great time to spend energy and effort connecting with customers in other ways. Connecting through different digital touchpoints will keep interest in your services and products, and put your company top of mind.

From initial connections your communication can seamlessly integrate that feeling of excitement for future trade shows. This can be as simple as sharing your own positive feelings. The thrill of viewing products in person, ability to talk to someone face-to-face (with safety precautions, of course), or the happiness of not dealing with a spotty internet connection during a webinar.

Don’t Give Up on 2020

All of this forward thinking, it’s important to remember that this year is barely halfway through. There are still updates and changes to fall trade shows, and some are still awaiting news. Keeping on top of these updates, and sharing with customers, can be another way to add excitement for things to come.

Another reason to remember these final months is the amount of positive marketing you can do until trade shows return to in-person events. With time to strategize, plan, and implement a strong schedule, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a campaign that really packs a punch.