Which Booth Designs Attract the Largest Crowds?

two story trade show booth

There are many features you can add to your trade show booth design to attract a larger crowd. Interactive exhibits and two-story booths are some of the best ways to get a bigger crowd at your booth. Here are some of the top ways to attract the largest crowds possible to your exhibit.

Offer information & trade show banners

Handing out resources and information is a great way to attract an audience. People will want to see reports and statistics on paper and it may help them to further see the need for your product. Draw them in with creative banners and place them around the trade show, so people know exactly where to find your booth.

Two-story exhibits

If your exhibit is two stories tall, you are going to get a larger crowd. Although it’s more expensive, it will make your exhibit stand out over the others. This only works if the exhibit hall has the space for it.

Photo booth

Photo booths are a very popular way to bring fun to any event and photo booth hire Brisbane is relatively cheap – well worth the investment. For the trade show, make the photo booth background contain your logo and company colors. It’s a great way for the visitor to remember your company after the event. A booth can cater to exactly what you want for your brand, you can find them everywhere! People will see everyone having fun in your photo booth and want to check out what your brand has to offer.

Make your booth interactive

One of the best ways to draw large crowds is by offering interactive components to your booth. You can do this by offering demonstrations, providing visitors the opportunity to test your product or offer a game to play.

Games are a great way for visitors to take a break from the trade show and have some fun. You want the game to apply to the product, drawing people in and making them excited about your product.

Stress reducers

In addition to a game, try adding a stress reducing activity, such as a massage chair to your booth. Trust us, people are not going to skip a booth with a massage chair after being on their feet all day.

Color & design

Complimentary colors will make your booth more attractive to crowds. Keep the design consistent, appealing and clean.

Using smells & tastes

Finally, try to add tastes and smells as part of your design. If people smell popcorn popping or coffee brewing, their nose may bring them right over to your booth. Good tasting treats will get people to stay and talk to you about your product.

These are just a few of the best ways to draw a bigger crowd to your trade show booth. Whether you look forphoto booth rental in Austin, Texas, or choose the two-story exhibit, we hope they help you increase your footfall! Make sure you take the time to incorporate the necessary features into your next exhibit booth design. For more information on trade show booth rentals, contact Xibit Solutions today at (702) 361-7502.