Are Used Tradeshow Booths Worth It?

You’re getting ready for your next trade show season, and you’re looking over your booth, thinking that it’s wildly out of date; you’re in need of a new one in a bad way. When you start digging for options, you discover that there are web-based vendors out there who offer used booths at steep savings. You’re thinking that at those prices, it can be easily repurposed for your needs and even with some modifications you’ll still be ahead of the game.

Stop and think for a moment, however. Does this sound too good to be true? Just like most things, when something sounds too good, it may well be. Discover the hidden costs of used tradeshow booths, the caveats and fine print you’re not seeing, and why going for a new custom booth might be your best bet.

Used Tradeshow Booths

There are a ton of vendors out there who offer used tradeshow booths for seemingly astounding savings—they could be as low as 20% of the cost of a new one, in fact. Even if it looks like there’s just a few updates to be made on the outside, the costs can really add up . In the end, it’s rarely worth it to buy used.

Risks and Dangers

Consider the following in terms of the upgrades you’re going to need to face when you buy a used booth. You’ll need to completely redo the graphics, and you may be restricted by the sizes and kinds of media the booth is designed to accept. You’ll also need to account for storage and shipping, and the vendor may not be forthcoming with detailed information.

“Lightly used” can mean anything from “like new” to falling apart. There’s no standard definition by which you can go, and you won’t be able to inspect it before you get it, when it’s too late. You may also find that it requires a lot of work to put together without clear instructions. At best this adds up to a lot of time and frustration, and that translates into money, too.

Increasing Costs

Let’s say you do get the used booth, and in unpacking you find a bunch of parts that are bent, scratched, or otherwise damaged beyond use. Now you’ve got to find replacement parts, and there’s your first increased cost. Shipping has also cost you money, and in some cases you might have to ship the whole booth out for repair to be sure those replacement parts fit. By the time you’re done, that 20% cost booth has cost you 120% of a new one.

Custom New Exhibit Booths

If you’re looking for the perfect upgrade to your exhibit booth, used tradeshow booths are rarely the way to go. A new booth can be custom designed to your specifications, and set up for you. It can be created to be modular if you need be, and made to show off your unique brand. In the end, they can save you money as well. If you’re looking for the perfect trade show booth design services, contact Xibit Solutions to get started today.