Unique Expo: Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo in Salem

Ask anyone in America to name the town most associated with witchcraft and chances are they will answer Salem, Massachusetts. Salem, once home to the most famous case of witch hunting in American history, now hosts a month long convention of psychics and witches. Founded by self described warlock Christian Day, long time resident of the area, the Annual Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo is a month long convention at the Museum Place Mall.

Attendees can learn about divination methods like Tarot card and Palmistry, commune with their dead or learn about their past lives. They can even discover the best herbs for prosperity and how to use them effectively as well as other witchcraft related tips. Psychic readings are well-loved by people who have a spiritual core and need guidance. Often paired with the zodiac star signs, a psychic reading explains your reaction to events happening in your daily life, as well as any problems you may face in the future. You can get cheap psychic readings over the telephone if you want to discuss problems or worries with one to see if the future holds anything that can help you.

When: Every day for the entire month of October

Cost: Admission is free, but if you’d like to be a vendor, the cost is $600 per booth for the entire month.

Who can be a vendor: Those selling magical or metaphysical products or those wishing to promote witch / Pagan activism.

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Have you ever been to the Psychic Fair? Would you want to?