Creating a Trade Show Exhibit That Appeals to Millennials

Whether you think of Millennials as tech-savvy, hip and innovative, or you consider the generation spoiled and entitled, capturing the attention of Millennials can be a key component to your brand’s success. How can you create a trade show exhibit that appeals to this new generation?

texting on smart phone

Knowing Millennials

There are some key emotions that typify how many Millennials view their consumer experience. Overwhelmingly, Millennials trust the opinions and values of their friends more than the statements made by a corporation. Millennials tend to be social creatures, online and off. They also tend to want things fast and immediately available. The Internet has granted an immediacy to all exchanges, and this includes the buying experience. Millennials also tend to believe that they can make the world a better place and that their purchases are a reflection of this identity.

Millennials and Technology

ipad on display

While trade shows are optimized for face-to-face marketing, Millennials live in a world that blends physical and digital communication. This means that your trade show exhibit should utilize the latest in tech including iPads serving as touchscreen interfaces, tech-related giveaways (think jump-drives not ink-pens) and large monitor displays. By blending your online presence with your trade show exhibit, you can introduce yourself not only to attendees of the exhibit, but potentially their entire social network through Tweets and Facebook updates.

Trade Shows and Millennials

Millennials are looking for once in a lifetime experiences. They crave novelty, whether that’s a unique beverage or an amazing trip to another hemisphere. Is your trade show exhibit memorable? Does it optimize the sensory experience with things to see, hear, touch and maybe even taste? Millennials want an experience that satisfies their desire for communal consumption and because your exhibit is one aspect of your brand that your audience gets to experience, you want to focus on giving them a distinct memory that they can’t wait to share with their friends.

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