The Power of Trade Show Marketing

Marketing your company at a trade show requires an investment of money, time and talent, but the payoffs for doing so can be sizable. A popular trade show industry website collected statistics from a variety of trusted sources on the value of marketing at trade events. Their findings may surprise and encourage you, as well as point out ways you can maximize the value of your company when exhibiting at trade shows.

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Trade Show Attendees

Trade show marketing allows businesses to reach a national audience of potential customers with the power and willingness to invest heavily in new and existing products.

Did you know that 81% of people who attend trade show events have company purchasing authority? This makes trade show marketing an incredibly efficient way to connect with individuals capable of making large orders for your products. 46% of attendees are in executive or upper management positions, which means they arrive at your booth equipped to do more than simply make purchases.

Because of their high level of influence, employees in executive or upper management positions possess the ability to turn your product into the centerpiece of a company-wide change in operating procedures. They can also become important mentors and allies to you and your business, helping you reach other potential customers in their industries.

This can often mean saving on marketing budget too. We worked with a medical company who would often tailor their strategies towards medical marketing, and draft in their top tier medical executives during trade shows. It worked very well too.

Additionally, 78% of trade show guests travel more than 400 miles to attend an event. When you operate a booth at a trade event, know that you’re offering your company the chance to market directly to a national audience of people that have made sacrifices to be there.

Another reason attendees give for traveling to a trade show is to shop for new products. 67% of attendees at trade shows represent new prospects to the businesses exhibiting, and 45% attend only one trade event a year. Hosting a trade show booth puts you in contact with potential customers you’ve never reached before, with many people you can count on to be uniquely receptive to your marketing efforts.

Trade Show Spending

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Companies devote the largest percentage of their business-to-business (B2B) marketing budgets to B2B exhibits at trade shows. In 2011, B2B exhibits accounted for a whopping 39.2% of B2B marketing budgets. This number has remained steady over the last several years, suggesting that participation in trade show events is retaining its value.

The transportation costs, or drayage rates, associated with trade show participation have increased 488% between 1982 and 2010. This has led businesses to devote less of their trade show budgets to display designs than they did in 1982. Modular trade show displays, which weigh 60% less than traditional exhibit systems, as well as portable displays, appear to be reducing the shipping, storage and drayage costs companies are required to bear when hosting booths at trade events. However, good display designs are still a key feature of creating an attractive trade show image. If you are looking for trade show displays Orlando FL, there are many sites on which you can check out the best booths, displays and exhibits for your business’ next trade show.

Trade Show Marketing Benefits and Strategies

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99% of trade show exhibitors report that they find unique value in trade show marketing that they can’t find elsewhere. The top three values exhibitors reported were the ability to 1.) meet with lots of potential and existing customers at the same time, 2.) interact with potential and existing customers face to face, and 3.) meet with other individuals, such as suppliers and resellers, in person.

While 83% of trade show exhibitors agree that building and expanding brand awareness is a high priority for them, they tend to cite opportunities to form and grow customer relationships as one of the most beneficial aspects of trade show participation for their companies. 84% of exhibitors report that the quality of attendees is a key factor in their decision about whether to host or expand a booth at a particular trade show event.

Trade show marketing goals in general, however, appear to be a bit broader. The top three trade show marketing goals reported by exhibitors were to 1.) increase and expand awareness of their brand, 2.) generate new customer leads, and 3.) build relationships with new and existing customers.

Trade show involvement represents a vital and important marketing strategy for business owners striving to introduce new products, generate and expand brand awareness and develop strong relationships with a broad spectrum of customers and industry participants. Brochures, branded pens and custom table runners are great ways to boost brand awareness and should be carefully planned prior to at events like these.

Did any of their statistics surprise you? Will you use any of them to make a case for expanding your trade show marketing efforts or to guide your marketing strategies at the next event you attend? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. If you want to learn more about trading or live trading rooms, check out www.magnetictrading.com. For more information on trade show exhibits services, contact us today.

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